Wintertime in Pennsylvania is not just some slight change in the temperature, winter weather is imminent and inevitable. The possibility of snow and ice is ever-present, and changes within your landscape are a guarantee. Adapting to these changes is required of every homeowner who cares deeply about their landscape, as it is no small task to push through the cold. There are best practices and services available, tailor-made to assist your landscape throughout and after the winter season. Utilizing these services should be a high priority if your goal is to be the best-looking property on the block, as nothing but the most thorough landscaping will push you to the top. For future growth, and current maintenance, here are four winter landscaping services for your Pittsburgh Property.

Winter Pruning

Our team at Dream Greener knows the importance of tree health, especially when they are the focal point of your property. Providing privacy and structure, they even contribute to the sustainability of your landscape with their creation of oxygen, and as a home for wildlife. Ensuring that they stay healthy and strong for years to come should be at the top of your to-do list. The best way to do this is by removing dead and decayed foliage, specifically during January and February. This will help your trees better grow come spring, and with the new growth, the death and decay will be replaced. Use the professionals at Dream Greener, as pruning large plant material can be a dangerous task.

Dead Tree and Shrub Removal

In the same vein as pruning plant material, trees and shrubs that have fully died must be removed from your property. Causing significant eyesores, they can harm your curb appeal and the health of your landscape. Dead trees can also be extremely dangerous, as we all know the potential damage when a tree topples over. In order to keep you and your family safe, removing these dead trees and shrubs will reduce risk and liability. This should be done by a professional, and if the tree or shrub in question is under 15 feet in height, Dream Greener is ready to take care of it.

Winter Landscaping Services for Pittsburgh PropertySnow and Ice Management

Another obvious upkeep of your residential or small commercial property is found when winter weather makes itself known. The longer your property is covered in snow and ice, the more time it is unavailable for use. Furthermore, it causes a safety hazard and potential liability. Efficient and reliable snow removal services are offered by our team at Dream Greener, and can be taken care of on a per season, or per visit basis. Check out our previous blog, discussing the many benefits of snow removal services.

Vegetation Management

Occasionally our properties can become overwhelmed with an infestation of vegetation, and it must be professionally cleared. This can either be brush, or deadwood, simply intruding on your property. For all of the same reasons you would engage in a spring or fall cleanup, it is important to keep your landscape tidy, even in the winter.

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