Many of the lawns in our area are continuing to suffer from the compounded effects of this summer’s record-breaking precipitation and soil erosion as well as the lingering high temperatures, heat, and humidity—turf that has not recovered because the underlying earth is severely compacted, unable to absorb and retain sufficient moisture, organically unbalanced, and starving for nutrients.

We suggest addressing these conditions now. You’ll be preparing your lawn for the late fall and winter and taking the first steps in establishing the health and appearance of your grounds next year!

Four Ways to Revitalize Your Soil and Rejuvenate Your Turf Now!

Lawn Aeration Graphics on Benefits of Aeration


Core aeration is a key to improving the health of your lawn. It will reduce soil compaction, and enhance the circulation of air, water, and nutrients deep into the soil. Double or triple aeration will ensure maximum penetration and will promote deep, healthy roots, growth, and thickening of your lawn.

PH Scale to test Alkalinity of soil.


An application of limestone adjusts the pH level of your soil to improve its ability to absorb the nutrients required to preserve and promote a healthy lawn.

Hand with lime pellets hovering over soil next to plant.


Use a spreader that’s suited to the size of your lawn and spread when the air is calm, so that seed distributes evenly. Use a 99.9% weed-free blend grass seed that’s designed to thrive in the Pittsburgh area. Newly overseeded lawns need consistent moisture. Keep seed and soil moist with frequent, light waterings twice a day for the first four days, then water as needed to prevent wilting.

Hand with Seed hovering over turf


Treat your lawn with a Fall-blend slow-release fertilizer, to help your lawn recover from the summer stress and damage, by replenishing depleted nutrients and supplying important cool-season nutrients to the soil.

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