Our Mowing Best Practices, Policies, And Guidelines.

When Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape provides services to you, we make a commitment to you — to help you establish, enhance, and maintain the health and appearance of your grounds, reliably and responsibly. Because of that responsibility, we provide our mowing services on an annual basis throughout the mowing seasons. This enables us to provide you with the highest level of attention, to monitor your turf conditions in detail, to identify problems as they arise, and to consistently maintain your lawn, week after week, month after month, throughout the mowing seasons.

The annual mowing service fee for your property reflects our commitment week after week throughout the mowing seasons and also takes into account your property’s square footage, topography, terrain, natural and man-made obstacles and impediments, and special needs, if any. In the course of these service visits to your property, our professional crews will also be examining the turf for emerging problems and their possible causes. We will report our findings to you and suggest possible solutions for your consideration.

You can pre-pay the annual fee and enjoy a five percent (5%) fee reduction or select our standard monthly payment plan so that your mowing invoices are predictable and consistent throughout the mowing season.

Our standard mowing service plan enables us to provide peace of mind, reliable service, and value to our clients, efficiently and effectively.

To keep your lawn healthy, it is our company policy to mow no more than one-third of the lawn’s height at a time. While depending on grass type, growth rates, and fertilizer treatments, it is best to cut grass at an approximate height of three inches for the most common grass types in our region.

Changes in weather and/or ground conditions and/or rate of growth may require us to adjust our mowing height or mowing area or mowing frequency to prevent scalping or shocking your lawn and/or to encourage deep root growth. When cut too short, the grass exposes shallow roots which will depend on surface water for nourishment, making the lawn more susceptible to weed and disease invasion, drought, and heat damage. Our aim is to maintain the grass height appropriate for the good health and appearance of the turf.

When possible, we mulch the lawn clippings and leave as compost. This recycles nutrients into the soil, which means your lawn won’t need as much fertilizer. Clippings also act as mulch, keeping the soil moist and cool to prevent water and heat stress. Our mulching mowers makes clippings small for quick absorption into the soil and have mulch guards to help to minimize the spread of clippings into your landscape beds.

As always, we promise to be responsive, reliable, and responsible to you for the quality of our work. We’ll make it right! You are welcome to seek our expert advice or personal attention when questions or problems arise or to request additional cuts or to secure additional services by emailing us at info@dreamgreener.com, or by calling us at 412.835.1035.

“I was BLOWN AWAY when I got home. Seriously could not be happier!! Very happy to have found Dream Greener and looking forward to using their services throughout the summer and fall. Jon was super responsive, easy to work with, and came right on time. If you are looking for help with your yard, hire Jon and his team!”