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Maintaining the health of your plant material is vital part of your landscape health and aesthetic. There are more than a few services that should be prioritized to enable this, like fertilization. Adding nutrients to the root zone of your plant material keeps plants, roots, and soil well fed. Like your turf, there are many pests and diseases out to get your plant material, such as insects. Keeping damaging insects away with horticultural oil, specifically designed for plant pests is a best practice and part of our program. We like to perform two oil treatments, once during dormancy, and again in the fall. Active monitoring of your plant material, including trees and shrubs, will allow for treatment to be swift and effective.

Remember, do not forget the importance of your soil health when it comes to the growth of any plant material, so consider soil testing and treatment to maintain it. For further protection, anti-desiccant spray is a protective wax coating sprayed onto evergreens to reduce water loss. The longer water is able to be retained, the healthier the plant. With this combination of tree and plant health services, your landscape is sure to inspire those lucky enough to see it. Our program consists of 8 visits throughout the year, covering all of the aforementioned services.

Although our tree and plant health program is the best in the business, that does not make it infallible. When other issues arise, from planting to location problems, our team is able to offer the highest level of guidance on how to extend the life of your plant material.

Landscape Plant Analysis and Inspection

In order to get a general understanding of the current state of your plant material, our team will always begin with an initial inspection. We will observe and note urgent needs, as well as highlight those things that need to be addressed on variable timelines.



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