Design & Installation

Your property is a reflection of you…. it makes an impression on your guests, neighbors, and community…. but, most importantly, it should fulfill your needs and desires….and bring you and your family pleasure and peace of mind….

Dream Greener’s landscape designs and services are focused on your needs and desires.

The actual landscape design can begin the process or be part of our landscape proposal process. In either case, the actual landscape design is, itself, a thorough, multi-step process that includes:

I.   Initial Consultations/Site Information and Evaluation:

A full discussion of your needs and desires. Your preferences, priorities, and goals are noted in detail. Examination of your terrain and ground conditions and photograph(s) of the section(s) of the site for further review and evaluation. Existing plantings as well as the plantings to be removed and/or transplanted (if/when possible) inventoried.

II.     Preliminary Planning: At this stage, a series of rough ideas will be developed based upon our discussions with you about your preferences, priorities, and goals.

III.     Preliminary Sketches/Design Work:

      1. Present preliminary ideas on bed lines, elements, and features
      2. Present preliminary ideas on color, texture, shape, and size of shrubs
      3. Present preliminary ideas on hardscape designs

IV.     Design Drawings:

      1. Layout and location of each section of new planting bed(s)
      2. Plant names and locations of each section of new plant materials, elements, and features
      3. Layout and specifications of each section of hardscape elements, features, and surfaces.
      4. Separate planting list detailing size and number of respective shrubs.

V.     Project Management:

If and when the overall design had been approved and confirmed and Dream Greener’s landscaping proposal has been approved, the work will be added to our schedule.

At that point, the members of the Dream Greener team will work together, on-site, to ensure that the installation plan is being implemented in accordance with the final drawing(s) and the agreed specifications. Dream Greener will manage, execute, and oversee the selections, deliveries, site preparation, installation, and completion of your project.

Ultimately, the picturesque landscapes and lush, verdant grounds that you seek will be the result, not only, of expert and effective planning and design, preparation, and installation, but of continuing tending and treatment and of ongoing maintenance…..

Dream Greener’s expert and experienced account managers and horticulturists will provide the comprehensive services you’ll need to help you achieve those results!

We look forward to this opportunity to serve you.

Fresh, Updated Landscaping Increases the Value of Your Home and Property
Updated landscaping enhance your property’s curb appeal and introduces sustainable, attractive plants to your yard. Dream Greener is happy to work with you to decide what kind of plantings, shrubs, and ornamental trees should be installed in your yard, and where they should be placed to maximize their impact throughout your property.

Dream Greener understands that your investment in your outdoor area should be maintained and protected throughout the year. Our attention to every detail, our extensive knowledge of landscape elements and installation, and our commitment to providing professional landscaping services to our clients in the South Hills is our goal, year round.

Let us save you backaches and headaches and increase the beauty and value of your property. Call us today.

Analyze Your Space

We consider our topography, climate and soil type. Next we consider who will be using your yard, do you have pets, will we incorporate a children’s play area? Will you be doing any outdoor entertaining? By considering the use we can strategically create outdoor living spaces.

Consider the theme and style

A formal garden stays simple with form, lines and symmetry as the goal. Formal gardens create a feeling of calm elegance. A formal garden is uncluttered and uses all elements in moderation.
Asian gardens are another popular style that employ broad swaths of raked stone or sand with the corresponding theme plantings of conifers, maples, azaleas, iris and flowering trees.
Cozy cottage gardens are a delightful mix overflowing with blooming flowers. We include a large variety of annuals, perennials and roses to complement charming accent pieces such as benches and fences. If you have shade consider a woodland garden that involves ground covers, hostas and bulbs.

Plan for future maintenance

At the start we want to consider how much maintenance is realistic for you. How much time will you commit or money will you spend to a service provider to take care of your new landscaping year after year?

Consider flow and connection

We work to link the outdoor spaces and create unity. Considering how you will move from one area or outdoor room to another and potential in traffic patterns is a must in early planning.
Plants are not only beautiful but functional. We consider how the plants will work in your project. Plants may be used to provide privacy or screening to define a space and create borders. Plants influence wind, temperature and light levels thereby altering site conditions as a benefit to you. We can also influence sound creating buffers or adding by sounds such as wind chimes and water.

The Dream Greener Way to Landscape Design & Installation

Dream Greener tends to the details of structuring your plants, considering the planes that the plants will be viewed from. We will highlight important features and use a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures to bring you outdoor living space to life.

We understand that the investment you make in your outdoor area should be maintained and protected year after year. We know how the passage of time will affect your landscaping. We consider the plant’s growth rate, maintenance needs and final mature size.

Our goal is to share our extensive knowledge of landscape elements, our meticulous attention to detail, and our professional installation, allowing you to simply enjoy the beauty and function of your outdoor space.

Beautiful functional landscaping enhances your property’s curb appeal by using sustainable, attractive plants in your yard adds value. Dream Greener’s experts will guide your decisions as we collaborate on what kind of plantings, shrubs, and ornamental trees we will install, and where they should be placed to maximize their impact throughout your property.

“I was BLOWN AWAY when I got home. Seriously could not be happier!! Very happy to have found Dream Greener and looking forward to using their services throughout the summer and fall. Jon was super responsive, easy to work with, and came right on time. If you are looking for help with your yard, hire Jon and his team!”