What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the most efficient method of planting seed on your property. It involves the spraying of not only seed, but a combination of paper fiber mulch, starter fertilizer, and water as additives to assist in guaranteed growth. This slurry prevents soil erosion, especially when compared to other traditional seeding methods. It is for this reason that hydroseeding came about, as loose seed is subject to the elements, easily removed by wind or rain. These issues cause patchy grass and poor results, while hydroseeding is an innovative solution.

Why Hydroseed My Pittsburgh Lawn?

More efficient than other seeding methods, hydroseeding is also more cost-effective than laying down new sod. Hydroseeding usually results in healthier lawns than other seeding methods but does require intensive watering through the initial growth period. As your residential lawn care provider, our team will take care of everything from the initial soil preparation, to post-installation maintenance.

If we were in your position, we would want all of the information at our disposal to make an educated decision. Here are a few of the benefits hydroseeding has to offer your residential property.

  • Increased Moisture Retention
  • Lower Cost Compared to Traditional Seeding
  • Difficult to Seed Areas are No Issue
  • Nutrient-rich slurry for faster germination
  • Better Moisture Retention
  • Better seed to soil contact

Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Traditional Turf Installation

Compared to

Dry Seeding

When compared to dry seeding, hydroseeding is quicker to germinate, while still retaining more moisture and longer seed-soil contact. Because the slurry is carefully created, there is no weed seed present, which is inevitable when dry seeding. Lastly, the cost to hydroseed is much lower, with much better results in any tough to seed areas such as slopes or hills.

Compared to


Although sod is an efficient option, it is much more expensive than hydroseeding. Sod requires more intensive initial maintenance, while hydroseed just needs to be watered. Additionally, hydroseeding produces a deeper, healthier root system, as sod is pre-cut and transported to the site. Hydroseeding produces better results with only a marginal increase in time to grow, but a vastly lower cost.

Compared to

Erosion Matting

While erosion control matting does well at preventing erosion, attempting to seed traditionally rather than hydroseed is much too labor-intensive. Erosion matting reaches peak efficiency when used in combination with hydroseeding. Using erosion matting in a standalone manner is a travesty, as integration with hydroseed enhances the value of both product and service.

The Hydroseeding Process

The process begins with the spreading of “slurry” made up of solid additives combined with water. This slurry can include grass seed, paper fiber mulch, starter fertilizer, lime, and other nutrients beneficial to the growth of new turf. Each piece of the mixture acts in a typical capacity, as fertilizer stimulates growth, and mulch protects the seed. Overall, the slurry is nutrient-rich and allows for additives that cannot be included in the format of traditional seeding.

How Hydroseeding Prevents Soil Erosion

Best in class equipment, products, and practices to acquire a lush, green lawn, hydroseeding additionally prevents your soil from eroding. The applied slurry binds to the soil very quickly after application, providing a tight foundation to prevent movement. This happens due to the special bonding compounds present in the slurry, assisting the seeds in taking root. Traditional seeding methods require an application of straw or hay atop the soil while the turf begins growth, however, the speed of the slurry makes this unnecessary when hydroseeding. Avoiding a potential mess caused by this layer of straw or hay, hydroseeding prevents erosion control and potential headaches. At a significant discount on the cost of both sod and traditional seeding, there is no reason not to give us a call about any affected areas of your lawn.

Hydroseeding With Erosion Control Matting

As an added benefit to the already provided erosion control by hydroseeding, a blanket of organic material can be applied to add an additional level of support and source of nutrients. These mats are flexible and lightweight, reducing seed discharge and infiltration. When vegetation grows through the mat, it provides stability to your soil, especially around treacherous slopes within your landscape. With less wash off from wind and rainfall, you lose less of your seed investment and potential growth. Hydroseeding over installed erosion control mats, and you will see uniform growth across your landscape.

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