Vegetation & Brush Removal

Vegetation & Brush Removal

Nobody wants to lose their landscape or turf to invasive plants. It happens — vines choking your favorite specimen tree, climbing up the side of the house, or swallowing up smaller shrubs and landscape plantings uninvited. Invasive vegetation can be a problem and we solve problems!

Besides the unsightly mess, infestations of rapidly growing plants make weed control difficult and create an environment for pests, like snakes, to move in. Our small tree, brush and vegetation removal services help solve a myriad of issues.

Invasive Vegetation

One of the biggest culprits is honeysuckle. While it has a beautiful smelling flower, it is also a plant predator that swiftly moves in and chokes out native species, causing erosion. To top that off, it provides very little benefit to wildlife.  Another problem is that honeysuckle rapidly reproduces because of the massive amounts of seeds it disperses. Honeysuckle is one of the first plants to leaf out and one of the last to shed leaves.

The best time to find and remove honeysuckle is early spring or late fall when it is one of the few plants with leaves. We simply pull young plants out of the ground; however, mature plants with larger root systems will need to be removed with a shovel.  That is why it is better to battle invasive plants sooner rather than later.

Sometimes areas of infestation will be mowed down disrupting the plants ability to photosynthesize by removing as much of the leaf material as possible. Plants trespassing on your property lines, invading your structures, and working their way into your garden beds are disruptive.

Our professionals are ready to cut and remove unwanted and unsightly brush, vegetation and small trees (up to 20ft.) Disposal is important because remnants left behind can cause regrowth and another infestation. Dream Greener’s plan of attack concludes with a thorough clean up, allowing you to enjoy your landscape the way you intended it to be, beautiful.

Important Benefits of Vegetation Removal and Clean-Up Services!

  • The remaining plants receive better access to water, sunlight, and other nutrients.
  • Reduced lawn pest population such as snakes, mosquitoes, ants, gnats, ticks, termites, and more.
  • Promote healthy soil nutrient levels.
  • Safety! Avoid tripping hazards, unseen insects and animals, and falling branches, and reduce the chances of a fire.
  • Increase curb appeal for your landscape.
  • Promotes the growth of the plants and trees you want to highlight in your landscape.
  • Stops the spread of disease from dead or decaying plant material.
  • Makes life easier when it comes to landscape maintenance.
  • Increase the usability of your landscape, making room for landscape enhancements and space to enjoy your outdoor space.

Debris Management

Sooner or later the weather will impact your landscape. Perhaps it’s a blizzard, or a thunderstorm, or maybe strong wind, the weather has the power to wreak havoc.  Oftentimes limbs that are dead or stressed are the ones that come down in a storm.  Occasionally a branch will crack or have a partial break and need to be removed.  We understand emergencies and Dream Greener is ready for storm damage clean up.

Dead trees, shrubs and plants create eyesores that you want out of your yard as soon as possible.  There are a number of reasons for a tree or shrub to die. Some causes are: adverse environment, insects or disease, catastrophic events or old age. Regardless of the cause the damaged plant is no longer attractive or functional. Add beauty to your property by taking out a damaged, dead or dying tree and instantly increase your property value.  If you have any unsightly dead trees or plants we are capable of removing these distractions.

“I was BLOWN AWAY when I got home. Seriously could not be happier!! Very happy to have found Dream Greener and looking forward to using their services throughout the summer and fall. Jon was super responsive, easy to work with, and came right on time. If you are looking for help with your yard, hire Jon and his team!”