Complete Lawn Analysis and Inspection

Our licensed lawn health specialist will customize a program to establish, enhance, and maintain the health and appearance of your lawn — specifically suited to your ground conditions.

Expert Lawn Care

We employ best practices and well-maintained, commercial-grade vehicles and equipment and apply procedures, products, and treatments that are professionally-accepted as environment-friendly, safe, and effective to preserve your grounds.

Consistent monitoring and maintenance is key to healthy, lush and weed free lawn.  After monitoring and treatment, our specialist will provide feedback with each visit.

Attention to every detail, extensive knowledge, and our commitment to providing professional lawn, pest and plant health services to our clients.

Aeration and Overseeding

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape performs Double Core Aeration. Double Core Aeration helps lawns to recover from drought stress, insect damage and foot traffic.  The process also improves soil structure and root health which benefits the overall appearance of your lawn. Without regular aeration, your lawn can suffer from excessive thatch buildup, soil compaction, and poor water and nutrient availability.

Double Core Aeration has many benefits:

  • Pulls twice as many soil cores
  • Promotes/enhances beneficial microbial activity in your soil, which helps reduce the buildup of harmful materials over time
  • Increases activity of earthworms and other thatch-decomposing organisms
  • Improves availability of air, water and nutrients in your soil
  • Core aeration severs roots, rhizomes and stolons and stimulates new shoot growth, leading to a thicker, healthier lawn
  • Decreases water runoff
  • Increases your lawn’s tolerance to stresses like heat and drought conditions

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Composting, Lime and Soil Health

Dream Greener recommends mushroom compost topdressing that protects the new seed, keeps seed moist for better germination and improves soil quality.  Lime is also a great addition to improve our acidic Pittsburgh clay soil. We recommend lime treatment in both the spring and fall seasons in addition to double aeration, seed, and composting services.

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Lawn Health Fertilization and Treatment

Our certified and licensed team of specialist will actively monitor and apply custom blended products based on your lawns needs.

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Weed Monitoring and Treatment

Liquid weed control is safely applied by our licensed specialist which will provide noticeable results.  This process also allows the surrounding turf to grow in thicker promotes a greener, healthier, weed free lawn.

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Disease Monitoring and Treatment

Pittsburgh lawn diseases include snow mold, anthracnose, brown patch, dollar spot, pythium blight, and red thread. Each of these lawn diseases is deadly to certain types of turfgrass, while being resistant to others. Our certified and licensed team of specialist will actively monitor and create a specialized treatment plan to target the diseases.

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