As part of our lawn, pest, and plant health division, pests are a top priority. Out of all the pests that you can discover in your landscape, some will be destructive to your landscaping materials, but some will be hazardous to your health. Fleas and ticks are both carriers of horrible diseases, so keeping them away from your family, friends, and pets is a necessity. However, there are many less prominent bugs that can cause problems. These insects are very hardy, able to survive in a myriad of conditions. This means that they must be intentionally removed, as letting them be will only worsen an issue.

Our management program for removing fleas and ticks is comprehensive, focusing on preemptive treatments and prevention. Monthly applications of liquid and granular pest control products from spring through fall will cover the busiest season. As an added bonus, these treatments will also offer protection from other lawn pests such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and armyworms. The neater and better maintained your landscape, the worse the environment will be for these pesky critters. Active monitoring, combined with treatments and care provided by the Dream Greener team are sure to keep your landscape virtually flea and tick-free.

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