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Lawn Care FAQ

Are you licensed applicators?

Yes, we are licensed, certified, insured and trained.  We employ full time staff of horticulturist, arborist and treatment specialist.

What do lawn treatments do?

Lawn treatments help your lawn with receive the nutrients that they need along with help control unwanted weeds.  Each treatment has a specific benefit based on the time of year and the specific needs of the lawn.

How do I know when service is scheduled?

You will be notified via text and/or email. Our specialist will post a lawn treatment sign in the front lawn and you will receive a follow-up email post application.

How many treatments are preferred per year?

Our standard program includes six (6) treatments. 2 spring, 2 summer, and 2 fall treatments (one visit every 4-5 weeks).

Will I need more than just your standard 6 treatments?

Every lawn and soil structure is different.  There is a chance that you might need specialized treatments to focus on specific bugs and/or diseases that are not included in the standard program.  Our team will customize a plan to address your lawn’s specific needs.

Are the products safe?

The materials which are used for lawn applications are registered and used in strict compliance to label instructions. They are applied by professional technicians in accordance with state and local regulations.

When can my children and pets go on the lawn?

Keep off the lawn for 2 hours after application.

Should I mow the same day as a treatment?

Mow 24 hours after the lawn has been treated.

How frequently should I water my lawn?

During dry periods/months your lawn should be watered One Inch (1’) per week (before 9:00AM). Do not water in the evening because it may lead to increased disease activity in the lawn.

Comprehensive Lawn & Plant Health Care

At Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape our premium lawn and plant health programs are uniquely tailored to care for your landscape’s specific needs, during changing conditions throughout the year. During each visit our knowledgeable, certified and licensed technicians will take a scientific approach to ensure your lawn is receiving the proper nutrient allocation to maintain color and vigor. Comprehensive weed control will be addressed by anticipation and identification. Our highly trained team will use pre and post emergent products to minimize weeds, identify and control any that may germinate and emerge in between visits, and leave information and recommendations after each visit. Dream Greener will care for your property with attention to detail to create a lush outdoor living space that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Why Choose Dream Greener?

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape originated after noticing a need for premium and personalized lawn care and landscape services in the Pittsburgh area. We are a results driven, locally owned and operated business with a meticulous dedication to making life easier and more beautiful for our clients. Dream Greener’s full-service landscape program will eliminate the need to coordinate and communicate with many other services that may only offer some of what your property needs. We also offer all digital account services for your convenience, and our phone are answered by our friendly staff during the day. Located in the south hills, we are proud to support local venders, and give back to the community where we live and work.

Locally Owned & Operated

Being a locally owned and operated company, we continue to grow by meeting and exceeding the expectation of our clients. We continue to develop and provide new services requested by our clients and perpetually invest in scientific solutions to landscape needs. With impeccably maintained equipment and an incredibly knowledgeable team we will continue to attain service excellence and to fulfill our commitment to our clients throughout the community.


Licensed and Experienced

Continuing education is a focal point for our tenured management and field teams to advance application equipment, products, and processes. Over the last 30 years our certified arborists and lawn specialists have earned service specific licenses and certifications. We currently hold applicator licenses in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio with categories in lawn health, horticulture, pest control, and right of way maintenance. Dream Greener is a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, and is a registered Pennsylvania contractor.  In an ever-changing climate, new lawn, tree, plant pests, and diseases arise frequently. With quality and service in mind, the Dream Greener team is committed to annual training and educational advancement.



Streamlined Solutions

Lawn and landscape maintenance consists of many services, usually provided by several individual companies. This creates miscommunication, excessive phone calls,  and service and billing issues for the homeowner to decipher. At Dream Greener we provided an enhanced solution to this common problem.  We’ve developed a comprehensive, premium lawn and landscape program that will offer year round comfort by knowing that your property is covered thru all four seasons. From spring clean up to snow removal, we can offer highly efficient, quality services conveniently under one roof.

Meet Our Management Team



Jon Stanton, Founder/President

The dream began when Jon was eight years old, mowing lawns and shoveling snow in his neighborhood, mainly to assist the older residents. Jon’s interest and skills landed him a position with a national turf care provider where, Stanton continued studying and expanding his turf and plant health treatment knowledge. He became a nationally recognized turf specialist as a Professional Services Manager in Pittsburgh.

Stanton won the President’s Club award for three consecutive years and recognized for his leadership and customer satisfaction, retention, and professional achievement.

Dream Greener was launched in 2013 and began operating out of a small residential garage in Carnegie, PA. After outgrowing the space in one season, Dream Greener moved to Collier Township, PA, in 2014. Two years later, the company purchased and developed a commercial property located at 4991 Library Road in Bethel Park, PA.

Development of Dream Greener’s new 6-acre headquarters began in winter of 2021. Their new state-of-the-art facility is equipped with in-house plant nursery stock, premium soil, seed, and compost, premium mulch selections, decorative stone, and gravel and more.

Jon has chosen experienced and motivated members as part of his management team to continue to expand their service divisions and customer service experience.

Picture of Sherry PresuttiSherry Presutti, Service Manager

Sherry has been an avid participant in the green industry for over 25 years. She started her career in Massachusetts in 1996 where she developed her lawn and landscape skills while adding certifications. During this time, she became a Massachusetts Certified arborist (#2171) and continued to learn and implement the skills of diagnosing and caring for ornamental trees and shrubs.

Sherry has multi state issued pesticide licenses including Pennsylvania (#101606), West Virginia (#CO7375), and Ohio (#118771) with categories covering lawn care, horticulture, pest control, mosquito control and right of way maintenance.

Sherry role includes overseeing our field crews, fleet and field operations, and procedures. Sherry works with our account managers, field supervisors, and office staff to fulfill and satisfy the requests of our clients.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her animals, working out, and wood working projects.

Brian Baur, Vice President of Sales & Operations

Brian brings over a decade of service experience, leadership experience, and a record of professional achievement and client satisfaction to the Dream Greener team.

Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University. He is a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Tree and Plant Nursery. He’s also a licensed Pennsylvania Lawncare Applicator.

In his role as Vice President of Sales & Operations, Brian oversees field operations and our field service teams.  In addition, Brian utilizes his knowledge and experience of landscaping construction, plant and lawn science and design and installation services to enhance our client service experience.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Brian is married to his wife, Stacie, and resides in the South Hills with their dog Zeke. When Brian is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, reading, and cheering on his favorite sports team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Ed Laudano, Lawn Healthcare Manager

Ed is a tenured lawn and plant care specialist with over 36 years of experience in the green industry. Ed possesses a vast knowledge in lawn science, including weed and insect identification and control, fertilizing, soil and disease analysis.   He is also a licensed tree, shrub and pest control applicator.

Ed has been licensed by Pennsylvania’s department of Agriculture for several decades and avidly keeps up with new products, techniques, practices to remain an expert in his field.

A Pennsylvania native and life-long resident of Upper Saint Clair, Ed continues to work and volunteer in his community. He actively participates in community activities and is a longtime South Hills Beadling Sports club member.

In his free time, Ed enjoys helping friends, going to sporting events, fishing, and traveling.  Ed’s leadership, customer care, knowledge, and enthusiasm have been a valuable asset for our clients.

Common Problems

Whether you’re new to lawn care or have been caring for your lawn for years, there are many challenges that can arise that need profession attention. Dream Greener has the profession solutions to all of your common and uncommon problems. Our knowledgeable, professional technicians will diagnose, treat, and communicate the issues found on each visit, and we’re always one call away to answer any questions you may have between visits.


Soil Compaction

Compacted soil can occur for many different reasons. The typical home lawn may be compacted from riding mowers, ATV’s, or just high traffic areas. All of these factors can lead to compaction, which leads to lawn decline. Soil compaction can also cause more than just lawn problems. When soil is compacted water tends to pond or run off never reaching the root system of the lawn.  This can lead to foundation issues, plant decline, and most noticeably lawn decline. An effective solution is aeration. This is most often a yearly process that will de-compact the soil and allow water and nutrients to reach the root system again. Over-seeding is recommended with aeration to thicken thin areas and rejuvenate your lawn.

Broadleaf Weeds

Most broadleaf weeds are easily identifiable, but not easily controllable. Understanding their life cycles is an important first step. Whether they are annuals, biennials, or perennials will determine what course of action is needed to gain control of the weeds and to prevent future issues. Achieving a thick, green turf thru proper weed management, mowing and watering will naturally control weeds creating an environment too dense to allow weed growth. Our trained professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in weed identification and successful control practices

Invasive Grassy Weeds

For many, identifying grassy weeds is a challenge. Many grassy weeds are so visually similar to turf grasses that a professional is needed to identify and manage the issues without damaging the healthy lawn. An important part of grassy weed management is anticipating soil temperatures and weather conditions that favor growth and applying a control before they become invasive and spread. Dream Greener’s licensed specialist are highly trained and seasoned in containing and controlling these weeds and maintaining a healthy surrounding turf.

Invasive Lawn & Plant Insects

While many insects may be present on and around your property, most are not harmful to your lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, the ones that are, can cause severe decline in a very short amount of time leaving unsightly to permanent damage. Knowing the life cycle and temperature requirements for insects to thrive are the keys to controlling pests and keeping them below a damaging threshold. Keeping the damaging insect populations low will maintain a natural balance between beneficial and harmful pests.

Invasive Lawn & Plant Disease

Lawn and landscape diseases can cause many issues from unsightly blemishes to complete decline. Most diseases are treatable if caught early, while a few that are not treatable can be identified and managed before spreading to other areas or plants. The key is knowing when the host and environment are susceptible to the pathogen which completes the disease triangle needed for diseases to thrive. Knowing when the conditions are conducive to diseases allows Dream Greener’s licensed lawn technicans and arborists to proactively control the situation based on forecasting and knowledge of the pathogens.

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