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Lawn Care Pricing for a Healthy Lawn in Mt. Lebanon, PA

Starting a lawn or landscaping project in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, involves two critical steps: defining your vision and aligning it with your budget. At Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape we are committed to helping you […]

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Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

Dream Greener: Your All-in-One Landscape Solution in Pennsylvania

Navigating landscape maintenance can be a challenging task. Whether you manage a commercial property that prioritizes the safety and well-being of tenants and guests or own a residential property where an entertainment-ready space is key, […]

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safe clean cut yard with swing set

Weeds: They Are Coming!

While it might not feel like it at this very moment, the temperatures are sure to take an uptick very soon. Why? Because spring is just over the horizon. When this happens, the changes to […]

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Get Your Landscape Ready For Spring

Let us be honest, nobody wants to be out in the landscape during the winter. The wind is chilly, and a coat can only do so much. This is why we and everyone else usually […]

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Why Do I Need A Full-Service Landscape Company?

In the landscaping marketplace, there are many companies offering a wide range of services. Scouring through websites to see the specifics is something that takes time and effort you might not have available as a […]

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Snow Removal- Is It Worth It?

Although we already removed the snow from many commercial properties, when we expanded to also offering landscaping services for commercial properties, the topic of snow removal came up at an increasing rate. In this economy, […]

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How Beneficial Is It To Have A Maintained Landscape?

Landscape maintenance is a term thrown around all the time in this industry. What does this mean? It is a very, very broad term that encompasses so many different services. Just here at Dream Greener […]

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Mt. Lebanon, PA Landscape Design Services

New Year, New Trends

If you were to go out to the mall with parachute pants or a tophat, you might get some funny looks. Why? Because these pieces of clothing were popular many years ago, and are no […]

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What Are Your 2023 Landscaping Goals? Let Us Help

Every landscape has a goal. They differ based on the personal preference of the property owner, or because of the property type. The important thing to know is what the goal of your property is, […]

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Best Cold Resistant Plants to Keep Color in Your Landscape This Winter

Unfortunately, the harsh reality of living in Pennsylvania is that we will always be far from a tropical climate. Far from hurricanes, but not so far from snowstorms and freezing temperatures. The latter is more […]

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Hardscape vs Softscape: Similarities and Differences

Although we are now a full-service landscaping company, servicing both commercial and residential properties, our roots lie in residential luxury landscape design. It was and still is our goal to create luxurious outdoor spaces that […]

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Safety: Stay Safe with Ice and Snow Removal

When it comes to the management of any landscape, we hope that the company in charge prioritizes safety as much as we do. That is why our team at Dream Greener is always practicing safety-first […]

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