Mt. Lebanon Spring Clean-Ups: More than Meets the Eye

What is the number one thing homeowners agree on when it comes to spring clean-ups in Mt. Lebanon? The terrific feeling they get after a decluttered property starts looking its all-time best. However, it is vital to remember spring clean-ups accomplish more than ridding your lawn of leaves and limbs.

Complete landscape health begins with a spring clean-up. Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape believes this is the perfect starting point for an envious landscape that looks great all year. Unsure what it takes to achieve that goal? It is easier than you think.

Hidden Benefits of Spring Clean-Ups

Scientific proof exists that positive changes are more likely during “new times” (aka temporal landmarks) like the first day of the year or month or a new season’s beginning. This makes a new spring the ideal time for improving your landscape with a spring clean-up. 

Not only can you provide your property a neat look once dead leaves and branches are hauled away, but you can give your turf, plants, and trees what they need to thrive. This enhances landscape aesthetics and makes being at home more relaxing. The benefits keep going with curb appeal increasing property value (cluttered properties have been proven to make selling a home difficult). 

Luckily, you are not on your own this spring.


Dream Greener’s Spring Clean-Up Plan

We have over ten years of experience beautifying properties. Below are professional services that give you the chance to get ahead on your property beatification this spring.

This renovation shows the night-and-day difference a clean-up makes.

Mt. Lebanon Leaf Collection and Debris Removal

Leaves might be the most overwhelming Mt. Lebanon lawn care task homeowners face. It can feel as if Mother Nature tossed litter all over your lawn! While leaves eventually decompose, it is unwise to leave them on your turf, as they block sunlight and the acidity is often detrimental to soil. Also, the weight of wet leaves hurt the turf.

The Dream Greener team has dealt with millions of leaves over the years and can tackle this enormous chore for you. We have specialized equipment built to gather up every last leaf in the most efficient manner possible. Your property will be leaf-free in no time, allowing you to get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Just make sure all your bases are covered…


Timely Lawn and Bed Treatments

After the spring clean-up is complete, there is no better time to set your landscape up for success for the seasons to follow. Why let weeds undo all the beautifying you invested in?

Many homeowners feel defeated playing catch-up with weed control. We cannot tell you how much more effective weed control is when you have experts providing preventative measures versus uphill battles once weeds take root.

Nipping problems in the bud is a common cliche for good reason – it works! Pre-treating weeds is no different. Plus, in the past couple of years, improvements have been made to preventative weed treatments. Crew® is an innovative pre-emergent we utilize because it is eco-friendly, designed for turf and landscape beds, and it cuts costs for customers.


Sharp Looks with Shovel Edging and Mulching

Mulching is the ideal next step after using Crew® weed control on your lawn and landscape beds. Dream Greener goes above and beyond mulch with our shovel edging, and we are about to tell you why this wows our customers. 

First, though, you want to pick the perfect mulch. We offer a lovely selection of modern colors. But it does not stop there because mulch is functional. The basic functions are holding moisture in and providing a manicured look. The bonus is various mulch material choices, which can help prevent pests, enrich soil, and encourage beneficial organisms. 

As for the shovel edging? We cannot imagine mulching a bed without going the extra mile. Our three-inch-deep shovel edging takes a beautiful flower bed to a pristine level with the cleanest lines possible while also preventing grass from creeping into landscape beds.


The Magic of Dormant Oil on Trees

Proper tree trimming should be performed at the same time as a spring clean-up since landscapers are already removing fallen limbs. Pruning is part of a comprehensive lawn care plan, so please do not skip this vital service. The main reason? Ignoring tree health may lead to costly tree removal in the future.

Pests can also do major damage to trees and shrubs. We take a scientific approach here as well. There is no logic in waiting on insect problems to arise. Not when insect populations can be taken out using dormant oil on valuable trees and shrubs. These oils are amazing because they disrupt pests’ feeding patterns, destroy their eggs, and prevent costly pest control needed if insects were allowed to multiply. 

Destroying pests does not mean harming Mother Nature. Dormant oils are environmentally friendly so our company is thrilled to offer them— in eight treatments, each lasting up to six weeks.

New Season, New and Improved Landscape

We have listed vital services (including Mt. Lebanon leaf collection) we believe will make your landscape the envy of your neighborhood. Like all aspects of homeownership, more gets accomplished when you focus on all the important chores and get ahead on them. 

Luckily, you do not have to manage all your Mt. Lebanon landscaping chores alone. Dream Greener is in the business of making homeowners’ lives easier by being a reliable partner for all your landscaping needs. Over the years, our all-inclusive packages have taken hassles and worries off the minds of hundreds of clients. We do it all— and you can trust it is done right 100% of the time, on time.

Our team is eager to partner with you on bringing your Mt. Lebanon landscaping dreams to life, so contact us here or call (412) 835-1035.

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