The Science Behind a Healthier Lawn in Mt. Lebanon

One reason homeowners depend on Dream Greener Lawn and Landscape is because we know science creates healthier lawns. Without a science-based approach that adapts to a litany of environmental conditions we will discuss, a healthy lawn is nearly impossible to achieve.

Fortunately, you have access to our many years of lawn and turf experience to understand what may be holding your lawn back. One crucial thing facing Mt. Lebanon homeowners is an all-too-common issue — timing.

Calendars can mislead homeowners striving for the perfect lawn. Nature uses a more “fluid calendar,” yet we use that to our advantage!

Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

Understanding the Science Behind Lawn Treatments

Our approach to a healthier lawn starts with investigating existing conditions. Other companies may rush in with a plan and timing set in stone without understanding your property. We consider any conditions that are affecting your turf (and other landscape elements).

We examine soil pH levels to determine if your lawn’s nutrients are balanced or need a boost. But that is the tip of the iceberg because we also look at terrain, types of plants installed, drainage, etc. Then we consider pest problems using Integrated Pest Management strategies focused on the conditions that give pests opportunities to damage your landscape.

Only then do we tailor our comprehensive lawn care plans to your specific lawn. This means we can address issues like weeds, thinning, or discoloration properly and maximize the use of organic steps in the process. This equates to healthy lawns and healthy families and pets, not to mention how it helps align our services with your budget.

Exploring Dream Greener’s Comprehensive Programs

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that we promote weed control by focusing on improving turf health. A healthy lawn is not only visually appealing but also thick and strong enough to overpower unsightly weeds, choking them out before they spread. 

Our expert team knows each weed that is common to our area and, more importantly, the conditions that allow weeds to thrive. This helps us tailor a plan to combat those conditions effectively. We can also spot vulnerable turf areas so we can tackle issues in the early stages.

This is critical because effective solutions might exist before utilizing a fungicide, for example. Several options involve altering the environment to improve the turf in problematic areas. Our comprehensive landscape design and maintenance packages ensure we can monitor your lawn and take steps in real time to solve issues. 

Not having to worry about your lawn is just the start, though.

Your Landscape’s Advantage: Arborist Expertise

You want to enjoy your lawn and landscape without any of the work or worry, so we ensure that with our comprehensive visits. These eight visits include various lawn, tree, and plant treatments, plus monitoring practices including:

-Certified arborist analysis 

-Root zone fertilization

-Horticultural oils for insect defense

-Migrating insects detection

-Fall feeding (prepares plants for winter)

-Insect population control in the fall for spring success 

-Water loss protection via anti-desiccant

Also, just as mowing best practices help produce healthier lawns, the same holds true for proper pruning. Dream Greener Lawn and Landscape’s certified arborist gives you peace of mind for what are often the most valuable elements of your landscape— shrubs and trees. Expert trimming gives trees and shrubbery the best chance to thrive while preventing deadly diseases from creeping into poorly pruned branches.

Integrated Pest Management (Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Control)

What about creeping pests that threaten your lawn, family, and vulnerable pets? Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes can spread all manner of diseases. An example is Lyme disease, which is difficult to overcome and very painful. Then factor in the Zika virus, and heartworms which can be fatal to pets. 

You already know mosquitoes have been a threat to humans on a historic level. We take this winged pest seriously, utilizing monthly treatments from May to October and adding treatments if the need arises. We attack weak points in mosquitoes’ biology and life cycles using scientifically proven methods designed to protect your family and the environment, too. 

Our pest management tactics focus on preventing harmful insects from gaining momentum through population explosions. This is accomplished by expert monitoring during regular visits (a good reason to use a single company for all your lawn needs). Not only does this allow us to treat pest problems, but it also reveals potential problems we can treat preventively!

How Dream Greener Delivers Results

It is wise to partner with a professional lawn care company that goes beyond “decent” results. World-class lawns happen when you have experts caring about your property as much as you do. That is why we use only best-in-class lawn products and stay up-to-date on advanced application techniques that are effective and eco-friendly. We are one of the few Mt. Lebanon landscaping companies that realize the value of having certified arborist experience on our team.

Beyond that, we listen and adapt to our clients who spend hard-earned money with us and deserve a great return on that investment. 

We provide healthier lawn care plans that help us go the extra mile with personalized services like:

-Borer injections

-Spotted lanternfly treatments

-Taking time to discuss property challenges

-Consulting on plant replacements where original plants were not ideal

-Avoiding high-volume pesticides through comprehensive planning

-Veristle fungicide options (Contact and Penetrant)

Over the years, new clients have repeatedly thanked us for making time to discuss realistic options with them when their lawns seemed hopeless. Our science-based strategies provide robust, flexible options. We are open about those options with homeowners—even when it can lead them to choose another provider that promises to magically “fertilize a lawn back to life.” 

We use science, not magic promises. We prefer honesty and being of real assistance to homeowners seeking to improve their property with a healthier lawn and landscape.

Are you ready to take the proven path to a healthier, greener lawn? Contact Dream Greener Lawn and Landscape, your partner for comprehensive lawn care from landscape experts who care.

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Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

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