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Rejuvenate Your Turf Now!

Many of the lawns in our area are continuing to suffer from the compounded effects of this summer’s record-breaking precipitation and soil erosion as well as the lingering high temperatures, heat, and humidity—turf that has […]

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composting pit

Composting Has Benefits That Justify The Effort

Have you ever considered composting? Here you can learn just what is composting and what are the benefits of doing this.

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Preparing for Fall Landscape Clean-Up

The topics of landscape design and maintenance take up most of the conversational time in the industry, and for good reason. These are the services that make your landscape look great, and keep it that […]

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Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

Hydroseeding vs Traditional Seeding

There is no shortage of lawn predators out there looking to tear up your lawn. Lawn diseases can come in and cause huge patches of brown turf that must be removed. Pests can even chew […]

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Dream-Greener team member aerating lawn

How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn

It is very common that we reference the importance of working with a full-service landscaping company. This is because you need to have a wide range of services available to you if your landscape is […]

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Mosquito on skin ( keep mosquitoes away)

Landscaping Tips and Tricks to Keep Mosquitoes Away

When you take on the task of designing your dream landscape, there are too many variables to consider all at once. With everything from the theme to ease of maintenance to think about, it is […]

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healthy lawn

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During the Summer Months

There are few things more important to the aesthetic appearance of your property than your lawn. It is the centerpiece of your landscape and will determine the thoughts of guests and visitors when they see […]

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backyard patio made with pavers

5 Great Reasons Why to Install a Paver Patio

Every landscape must-have enhancements that grab attention and excite those who are looking at it. Without these, your landscape is simply an aesthetic to be seen but not practically used. This is why some of […]

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renovated landscape in the backyard

Tips to Renovate Your Landscape

Everyone wants a great-looking landscape, right? Look, we do not blame you if your landscape does not look like a magazine cover, as there are so many reasons why your landscape is not where you […]

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large stone pavers making walkway

W.Y.N.T.K. About Popular Types of Pavers

When it comes to hardscaping, functionality has always been their biggest draw. Driveways as a place to park your vehicles, walkways to enable travel across the property, and retaining walls to direct water traffic. However, […]

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soil erosion

Soil Erosion: What Can Be Done?

While we would love to spend all of our time focused on the prettiest parts of landscaping, we also must help you prevent the ugly. While you might typically think of disease, pests, and weeds […]

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Dream Greener pruning shrubs

Pruning: Healthier More Attractive Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

In many blogs, we discuss the benefits of working with a full-service landscaping company like Dream Greener. This quality gives us unique insight into the cohesive components that create the beautiful landscapes you see in […]

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