Boulderscaping: A Guide to a New Level of Landscaping

When it comes to creative ways to enhance your landscape, we are always on the lookout. With the recent addition of commercial landscaping to our offerings, we are more concerned with the competitive nature of property management. While yes, luxury residential properties are always looking for a leg up, and a way to stay relevant in the neighborhood, commercial property owners are in direct competition for customers. Their landscape is a direct contributor to their bottom line, with a need to drive business by bettering their property. One of our favorite ways to enhance the properties of our commercial and residential customers is with boulderscaping. This is a new way to add sustainable beauty to your landscape and here is the guide you have been looking for.

Boulderscaping: A Guide to a New Level of LandscapingWhat is Boulderscaping?

As the name would suggest, boulderscaping is the use of large natural rocks sourced from local quarries to enhance a landscape. These large rocks can be used as accent pieces in plant beds and on top of mulch to add structure. They can also be stacked to create rock walls, or used in larger quantities to create a rock garden. However, what makes boulderscaping unique is not just tossing down large rocks anywhere on your landscape, it is the artistic design process that our team uses to strategically curate a beautiful installation. Everything from the selection of individual rocks to the way they are arranged plays an essential role in the effect they have on your property.

Benefits: Improved Curb Appeal

The most notable benefit of boulderscaping is the unique addition that it is to your landscape. Whether your property is commercial or residential, you are most likely on the front end of this new trend. We would be surprised if any of your competitors have seriously taken advantage of the benefits of boulderscaping. When viewed from the perspective of a passerby, boulderscaping looks classy and timeless, indicating a mature property. This will incentivize customers to come into your retail center, prospective tenants to check out available office space, or potential residents to take an interest in your senior living center. Curb appeal is the name of the game in the commercial landscaping space, and boulders are a premium way to acquire it. 

Landscape Sustainability

Another benefit of adding hardscape to any property is that you reduce maintenance and resource use, thus improving the sustainability of your landscape. This has been a hot topic as of late with so much focus on issues of the climate and environment. Boulderscaping allows you to do your part as a property manager or homeowner and reduce some of the green area in your landscape. The less lawn and plant material you possess, the less fertilizer and water that will be needed to sustain it. Boulderscaping replaces these areas with stone installations that require no maintenance, and will last without it for decades. 

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