Tips For a Stunning Landscape

There is no debate that landscape maintenance is an essential part of creating a stunning landscape. No matter the purpose in doing so, whether it be attracting business for a commercial property, or boosting property value for a residential property, maintenance is necessary. Having a clean-cut lawn, beautiful flowers, and pruned trees will never go out of style. However, the separation of good landscapes, stunning landscapes, and design. Purposeful planning of a carefully selected aesthetic that combines various landscape enhancements to create a cohesive property is the goal of our landscape designers. In this blog, we will discuss a few tips for a stunning landscape that can be valuable to any property owner.

Tips For a Stunning Landscape

Turf is Essential: Restore or Replace

As the foundation for any landscape design, turf must look good. Whether it is all-natural and maintained with mowing and irrigation, or installed artificially through hydroseed or sod. Whatever the case may be, turf should be the first thing you take care of. Either restore your turf to an adequate level of health or take the next step and replace your lawn with sod. 

Mulch, Mulch, and More Mulch

Again speaking of a foundational landscape element, you would be hard-pressed to find a landscape designer who does not consider mulch an essential. It insulates your soil during the hot summer and harsh winter and keeps weeds away from your plants. On top of its functionality, it also looks great and boosts curb appeal. Do not overthink mulch.

Prioritize Landscape Sustainability

Landscape design must consider the future of the property, and the maintenance required to keep up the initial look. One of the ways that many designers screw up is by pinning way too much upkeep on the property owner. Too much turf and excessive plant material can lead to a lot of resource use, and detriment to the environment. Consider spending more capital and space on hardscapes and decorative rock as low-maintenance alternatives.

Create Useable Spaces

Another mistake we see many landscape designers make is that there is too much focus on aesthetics, and not enough on functionality. The space in a landscape and especially a backyard should be able to be used. There should be walkways through the garden, and outdoor patios filled with seating and functional amenities. Think kitchenettes, entertainment centers, and fire pits. Outside of magazines, real people use landscapes, and they do so to escape from the confines of the indoors. Think of them when designing your landscape.

Tips For a Stunning Landscape

Consider Risks to Landscape

If a landscape is susceptible to flooding, then drainage should be installed to direct it somewhere else. The same can be said for soil erosion, with a retaining wall being the perfect installation to keep soil intact. For commercial property, one must think about the effects of snowfall and prepare properly with snow removal services. When designing your landscape do not forget to think about all the ways things could go wrong, because then they will not.

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