Dream Greener: Your All-in-One Landscape Solution in Pennsylvania

Navigating landscape maintenance can be a challenging task. Whether you manage a commercial property that prioritizes the safety and well-being of tenants and guests or own a residential property where an entertainment-ready space is key, the challenges are numerous.

Coordinating with multiple contractors or worrying about when your lawn care specialist will come to treat your lawn before the mowing contractor arrives, can be a struggle. This is where our Dream Greener team steps in. Our full-service landscape offerings are designed to eliminate the hassle and confusion often associated with outdoor maintenance.

Our in-house team of professionals ensures that whether it’s design, installation, maintenance, or plant health care, each service is delivered with unmatched expertise and coordination.


Serving Both Residential and Commercial Properties

At Dream Greener, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional lawn care services that cater to both residential and commercial properties in Mt. Lebanon and beyond. Whether you dream of transforming your home into a stunning oasis or maintaining a professional and distinguished image for your business, we’re here to make it happen. We truly understand the unique needs of each property type and are committed to delivering top-notch services that cater to your specific goals.


Complete Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

Our journey in Pennsylvania lawn care starts from the ground up. We consider local factors such as soil type, climate, and native plant life, ensuring your lawn receives the best possible treatment tailored to Pennsylvania’s unique conditions.

Our approach combines advanced weather and temperature monitoring with in-depth training, allowing us to preemptively tackle weeds and pests before they can harm your turf. Our ultimate goal? To enhance the color, thickness, and overall health of your lawn, and make it a vibrant centerpiece of your property.

Our comprehensive lawn care services include:

-Weekly mowing for a consistently neat appearance.
-Specialized lawn fertilization and weed control programs.
-Double-pass lawn aeration and overseeding to rejuvenate and enrich your lawn.
-Fall and winter leaf cleaning to keep your yard tidy and prepared for the changing seasons.

We don’t just stop there, though. We want to make sure that your outdoor space retains its curb appeal and contributes to your property value year after year. Our Dream Greener team likes to give you more free time, by providing you with landscape maintenance services you don’t have to worry about:

-Pruning to encourage healthy plant growth.
-Shovel edging for a clean, defined landscape.
-Regular weeding to maintain pristine bed areas.
-Mulching and tree care for the well-being of your green assets.
-Continuous bed maintenance, ensuring every plant in your garden thrives.

With Dream Greener, every detail of your landscape receives expert care, enhancing your property’s curb appeal and contributing to its lasting value.

Seamless Landscape Design and Installation

If our team is already enhancing your property, why not take advantage of our expertise in landscape design and installation?

Your property’s landscape is not just an outdoor space; it’s a statement about you or your business. It forms the first impression for your guests, friends, neighbors, and the broader community. This is why collaborating with a team that not only understands but values your vision is crucial.

Our expertise extends to meticulously planning and installing both softscape and hardscape elements, essential for elevating the beauty of your outdoor environment. Our skilled team specializes in a range of services, including:

Plant and tree installation Patios
Sod installation Retaining Walls 
Grading Sidewalks
Drainage Solutions Walkways
Outdoor Lighting Granite Belgium Edging
Accent boulders  Fire Pits & Fire Features


Comprehensive Plant Health Care and Pest Control

Your outdoor space is a sanctuary, and the lush greenery, including towering trees, adds immense value to your property.

However, just like anything else, plants can fall victim to sickness or pest infestations, potentially causing your property’s value to plummet. That’s why it’s essential to not only focus on lawn and landscape maintenance but also prioritize the well-being of your green companions through tree and plant health care.

Our team of plant health experts excels at identifying issues, anticipating potential threats, and crafting personalized action plans tailored to your lawn and landscape’s specific needs. Our tree and plant health care program adheres to integrated pest management practices, maintaining a balanced environment for beneficial insects while controlling destructive pests effectively.

These services include:
-Tree and shrub fertilization
-Tree and shrub pruning

We also go a step further to offer additional treatments such as:
-Flea and tick treatment
-Mosquito control
-Deer proofing

Year Round Property Care with Snow and Ice Management

Our commitment to property care in Pennsylvania doesn’t waver with the changing seasons; in fact, it extends to include the colder months when snow and ice become a challenge. Instead of grabbing your shovels and braving the cold, it’s time for you to relax and let us handle the snowy work!

Seasonal services, including snow and ice management, play a crucial role in ensuring that your outdoor areas remain safe and accessible throughout the year.

Here’s how we expertly manage snow:

-Prompt Storm Response: We dispatch crews promptly when snow reaches our 1-inch trigger, ensuring timely snowstorm response.

-Comprehensive Snow Services: Our services include snow plowing, snow blowing, and shoveling to efficiently clear your property.

-Anti-Ice Measures: We proactively apply anti-ice melt multiple times during ongoing storms to promote safe access.

Partner with Dream Greener for All Your Landscaping Needs in Pennsylvania!

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