Weeds: They Are Coming!

While it might not feel like it at this very moment, the temperatures are sure to take an uptick very soon. Why? Because spring is just over the horizon. When this happens, the changes to the environment will result in an increase in available nutrients for all of your plant material, and growth will begin once again. This applies to everything in your landscape, including turf, trees, shrubs, and even flowers. However, unfortunately, this access to nutrients is also applicable to invasive plant species that you do not want in your landscape. Yes, we are talking about weeds. These guys are always looking to infest your property, and spring is their first show of the year. In this blog, we will discuss what to look for and how to prepare.

The Two Main Types of Weeds

When it comes to weeds, there are two main varieties that you need to be on the lookout for in your turf. Broadleaf weeds are one of the types, and they can also creep into the soil of your plant beds. These weeds are very obvious and look unique to the surrounding plant material. Easy examples include clovers, dandelions, and dichondra. They are easy to separate from turf, unlike their grassy counterparts that aim to look just like turf. Crabgrass and bermudagrass are a couple of the most common grassy weeds, and they can be just as deadly. Each of these weed varieties must be stamped out as quickly as they can be identified, lest they infest the entirety of your lawn.

Lawn Inspection and Weed Identification

Now that you know these weeds are on the way, you need to know what to look out for. If you happen to work with Dream Greener, our staff will also be on the lookout. Ensuring that you take the time to thoroughly inspect the lawn is important, as the smaller the infestation the easier it is to control. While broadleaf weeds are more common and will be eyesores, there are around 15 unique species that you will often find in the area. For a comprehensive list of broadleaf weed identification for each species, fill out this form to receive a free e-book.

Broadleaf and Grassy Weed Prevention

The key to a weed-free lawn is a healthy lawn. First, you must reduce the weekly stress on your lawn by increasing mowing heights. You should also let clippings lay atop your turf after a cut, and let them decompose into valuable nutrients. Irrigation is another essential, as your lawn needs ample water to maintain proper chemistry. Aeration and overseeding in the fall is another best practice, preventing roots from fighting off soil compaction. In terms of treatments, pre-emergent control can be applied to prevent the germination of weeds which stops the spread.

Post Emergent Weed Control

If your preventive methods do not keep out 100 percent of weeds, do not worry. These methods will keep out most weeds, but there is a chance that some could still creep in. If you are inspecting your lawn, you will identify them quickly, and our team will come in with selective herbicides to clean up your turf.

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