Get Your Landscape Ready For Spring

Let us be honest, nobody wants to be out in the landscape during the winter. The wind is chilly, and a coat can only do so much. This is why we and everyone else usually wait until springtime to do any intensive landscape work. With that time of the year nearly upon us, we know homeowners and property managers alike are beginning to think about what comes next. While the former need to keep up with the neighbors, the latter need to keep up with the market. This is the reason for considering new landscape installations and adding more amenities for customers and tenants. These drive up property values, maintain curb appeal and drive in new capital to the area. If you are looking for some ideas to get your landscape ready for spring, you have come to the right place.

Hardscapes: Endless Options

The first place you might look when considering a new landscape installation is plant material, but hardscapes are all the rage in 2023. Firstly, you can take a look at a new patio, offering a common area where guests can gather and enjoy themselves. This is a great foundation for surrounding landscaping. Retaining walls should also be a consideration, especially if your property is sloped or has drainage problems. Walkways help you and your visitors better traverse the property, connecting different areas in an aesthetically pleasing way. If it is a crowd pleaser you are looking for, then the hardscape for you is a fire pit. Providing heat and a conversational centerpiece, fire pits are on the rise. Last but certainly not least, a hardscape offering unique to Dream Greener is boulderscaping. These are locally sourced, unique rocks that will set your property apart from all the rest.

Rejuvenate the Landscape With Plant Material of All Types

If your landscape is looking barren due to lacking plant material, this could be a problem. Not only are annual and perennial flowers important, but so are shrubs and trees. The first step should be to address plant beds, add mulch, and plant seasonal flowers. Next, if you have existing trees and shrubs, prune them to look uniform. If your property lacks trees and shrubs, find an area to add them that will increase privacy as they grow. They increase property value, and give your property an air of luxury it would not have otherwise.

Hydroseed Barren Lawn Patches

It is all too common to come out of the winter with some damage to your turf. Perhaps this happened over a long period of time, and now you have some barren areas that need seed. Rather than using conventional seeding methods, you should hydroseed. This is the most cost-effective seeding method that also protects against soil erosion, and ensures healthy growth. It also gives you turf in a quicker timeframe than other methods. Dream Greener is one of the few companies in the area that offers this service, so give us a call today.

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts, each with ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care & maintenance, landscaping and snow & ice management. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Give us a call today at (412) 835-1035.

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