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Snow & Ice Management FAQ

When are the crews dispatched?

For snow events totaling Three (3) inches or less we dispatch after the snow has stopped. During continuous snow events, we’ll make multiple visits to help keep the property clean and clear.

Do you provide service notifications?

Yes, our dispatcher will provide email and/or text notification.

What areas of my residential property do you clean the snow and treat?

Most commonly, we clean and apply calcium to the front access areas including driveway, sidewalks, walkways, and/or steps.  Additional areas can be treated based upon request.

When will the crew reach my property?

There are multiple variables such as how much snow, the timing of the snow, traffic delays.  Generally evening snow events are more timely than daytime work and/or rush hour snow events.

How is the snow removed?

We use various methods such plows, snow blowers and hand shovels to clean the property.  We assess each property to determine the best clearing approach and based on weather conditions.

Do you apply salt or calcium?

We use premium calcium chloride, which is better on concrete and for surrounding plant material.  Our staff will clear the snow from the outlined areas and then apply calcium to target icy surfaces.

Do you treat for ice events?

Yes, we dispatch our crews to apply calcium.  We don’t break and/or remove ice from the property, however, we will apply calcium to help the ice melt.

What type of snow options do you offer?

We offer two types of snow removal services.

  1. Pay per visit (or per push).
  2. Seasonal pre-pay.
Do you offer commercial snow removal?

Yes, we offer both commercial and residential snow removal and ice management.

Snow Removal and Ice Management for Commercial and Residential Customers

Winter can make life difficult, but with Dream Greener’s snow removal and ice management services, it doesn’t have to be a hassle! When winter comes around, our reliable team is prepared to provide South Hills customers with efficient snow removal and ice management services. These services include plowing, shoveling, and anti-ice treatment for sidewalks, roads, and driveways.

We offer these on a 24/7 basis during the winter months, which includes weekends and holidays. Our professional crew will work diligently to keep your driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and steps clear of ice and snow, making them safer for use by your friends, family, customers, and employees. Dream Greener customers can take advantage of these services on a per season or per visit basis depending on their budget and needs.


Convenient Year-Round Services for Our Customers

Let us keep your landscaping and lawn looking their best in the warmer months while keeping your property safer during the winter. Our team of landscaping experts is ready to help you achieve the lawn and landscape you have always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services!

Safe Surfaces and Safe Services

The safety and the ease of accessibility of your family, guests, employees, and/or customers around your home or business during the winter are your and Dream Greener’s greatest concerns.

Pittsburgh winters have been averaging about 50 inches of snow over the past ten years. Even a bit of snow or ice accumulation can make walking and driving surfaces hazardous.

Dream Greener will shovel, plow, and treat those surfaces of accumulated snow.

Dream Greener employs well-maintained, commercial-grade vehicles and equipment and applies environment-friendly, safe, effective procedures and product treatments to clear and preserve grounds and hard surfaces, of which we maintains more than a full season’s supply.

Snow and Ice Management/Winter Maintenance Options:

Dream Greener puts you in charge! You choose the services and the kind of service you want:

We provide commercial and residential snow removal and anti-ice surface treatments.

  • Per Visit – If you’re comfortable with the uncertainty of budgeting for unpredictable winter weather, you can choose to have us perform and provide our snow services and products on a per-visit fee basis (also known as “per push”).
  • Per Season– You can choose a fixed fee for the full season so that you’ll know exactly what your snow management costs will be for the entire winter — absolutely no additional charges for snow clearing or snow surface treatments, regardless of the number of snowstorms or the amount of accumulation.

Whichever plan you select, you’ll always pay the same fee for Pittsburgh snow removal — no matter how long it takes or how many inches of snow has accumulated and you will never see a bill for fuel, hidden fees, or any other surcharges!

With Dream Greener’s service guarantees of responsiveness, reliability, and responsibility, you can be certain that we’ll be there, every time! Our company continues to flourish because we satisfy and delight our customers with levels of year-round services and communication far exceeding the rest of the industry.

Please call us today at 412-835-1035. or use the contact form on this page now to schedule a visit or find out how we can save you headaches and backaches and increase the safety of your property. We offer pre-pay and easy pay options and accept all major credit cards.

Where snow clearing is absolutely critical, ask your Dream Greener service professional about PRIORITY ONE Service.

“I was BLOWN AWAY when I got home. Seriously could not be happier!! Very happy to have found Dream Greener and looking forward to using their services throughout the summer and fall. Jon was super responsive, easy to work with, and came right on time. If you are looking for help with your yard, hire Jon and his team!”