Although insects are an annoyance when outdoors, most are relatively harmless. Especially in terms of your landscape, critters are sure to be roaming everywhere, unknown and unseen. The same cannot be said for mosquitoes as they are carriers of disease, prone to biting, and a general nuisance. Mosquitos are known to take blood from their victims, which can often contain germs. The bodies of mosquitoes are a prime environment for germs to multiply, which is the typical result. Then, when the mosquito bites a human or animal, they become infected and sick. There are also specific times when mosquitoes are most prevalent in your landscape. Following a heavy rainfall, mosquitos are much more likely to be around.

Mosquito’s Larva in Water.

Our mosquito management program focuses on a deep understanding of mosquito biology, and the scientific findings behind mosquito population reduction. Source reduction is our number on priority, attacking the root of the problem. Monthly visits to your property will allow for identification of these areas.

In order to keep away deadly diseases like the West Nile and Zika viruses, it is important to perform active mosquito control. For standing water in your landscape that cannot be removed, larvicides are used to kill potential larvae before they can grow to maturity. Additionally, our licensed pest control professionals utilize adulticide to kill live mosquitoes, which is not harmful to humans or your landscape. Generally found under plants, in dense grass, or shady areas, removal is surely required. The next time you are relaxing on your patio late on a summer night, you will thank yourself for using the Dream Greener mosquito management program when your landscape is mosquito-free.

Check Out CDC Guidance for Mosquitos!

CDC Mosquito Guidance

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