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Colorful Native Plants to the Pittsburgh Area

We often talk about how a landscape is a well-oiled machine composed of many complex parts. One such part of your landscape is the selection of plants that you utilize to add color to your […]

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How to Treat Lawn Pests and Lawn Disease

In an effort to maintain a good-looking landscape, health must be prioritized. The health of your plant material is directly correlated with their aesthetic appearance, with better health resulting in an improved appearance. This is […]

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new bed edging and fresh mulch

Create a Beautiful Landscape with the Right Bed Edging and Mulch

At Dream Greener, we are in the business of creating beautiful landscapes for our residential clients in the Pittsburgh area. This is what we specialize in, and we make it our mission to be knowledgeable […]

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Dream Greener Truck

4 Simple Ways to Prepare For Your Landscape Company’s Visit

As a luxury residential landscaping company, our work revolves around the lives of the homeowners who reside on the property we are working on. Convenience is important to us, ensuring that nobody is ill-affected by […]

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Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

Hydroseeding 101: All You Need To Know

Every homeowner and landscaper alike are always looking for ways to keep their lawn healthy. There are many different services that can contribute to this effort, from aeration to fertilization. However, the reality is these […]

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hardscape garden walking path

Hardscapes: Refine, Repair, Replace

Each and every landscape is a combination of installations, services, and materials. Often overlooked are the many non-organic materials that are integral to your landscape. It is so easy to appreciate the splendor of a […]

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yard clean up

How to Declutter and Clean Up Your Yard

One of the primary goals we work with our clients on accomplishing is a property that looks more well put together. A landscape full of loose items, debris, or even leaves cannot reach its full […]

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beautiful front yard landscape

Mow, Prune, Edge and Maintain: Keep a Beautiful Landscape Year-Round

As our primary client typically possesses a luxury residential home, the appearance of their lawn and keeping a beautiful landscape all year-round falls at the top of our priority list. Your lawn is the first […]

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gloves with yard waste

Preparing for Spring Landscape Clean Up

Moving from the winter to the spring now is the time to consider your landscaping plans for the year. As temperatures rise in the spring, growth will begin whether you like it or not. Preparing […]

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Why Is Snow Removal Important

With the winter season nearing its close, many property owners may be taking an inventory of their landscape this past year. Taking a look at the services they utilized or did not, plans must be […]

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Lush Green Lawn

A Closer Look At Lawn Treatments

An important piece of landscape management, and one that can be found across our website and marketing materials, is lawn care. Your lawn is the first thing that anyone will see on your property, and […]

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guy spaying herbicide

Benefits of Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Weed Control

As a landscaping company, we focus primarily on high-end residential properties. This means that attention to detail is always vital, as our clients demand only the very best. Keeping lawn and plant material healthy is […]

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