Benefits of Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Weed Control

As a landscaping company, we focus primarily on high-end residential properties. This means that attention to detail is always vital, as our clients demand only the very best. Keeping lawn and plant material healthy is key, and this takes a combination of treatments, keeping nutrients in and disease out. Some easy examples include fertilization or pesticides. Both treatments either add strength or rid the material of something harmful. However, one is much better than the other. Fertilization is preemptive, giving your plant material strength should it need it. Whereas the use of pesticides would likely indicate an already present pest infestation. The best treatments are preemptive, keeping issues out before they can arise. One such example is a pre-emergent herbicide. These treatments keep weeds out of your turf before they even have a chance. However, if weeds find their way into your property, weed control is a must to stamp out any infestation. Here are the benefits of both pre-emergent herbicide, and post-emergent weed control.

herbicide killing weeds

Herbicide: Early Weed Prevention

In an ideal world, your landscape and weeds never mix, but that is merely a far-away fantasy. Weeds are vicious and spread in so many different ways that they will inevitably find a way to your property. Luckily for us, with the knowledge that weed invasion is a likely occurrence, you can take the proper preventative measures. Pre-emergent herbicide treatment creates a barrier of vapor that kills weeds before the germination process can begin. Germination is how a weed is spread, so preventing the process from the beginning will keep your infestation localized and easily removable. The only problem is, weeds germinate at different times, some in the spring, and some in the fall. It is for this reason that timing is so important. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide should be done in both the spring and fall to maximize effectiveness. In the spring, new growth should not be overshadowed by the presence of weeds, in the same way, your dormant fall property should not contain healthy weed growth. When you apply a pre-emergent herbicide treatment, you prevent a larger issue, which can include some back-breaking work pulling weeds by hand.

Note: Pre-emergent herbicide application should be combined with associated fertilization for maximum benefit.

Weed Control: Post-Emergent Application

We love to recommend our clients utilize a pre-emergent herbicide application, however many properties we work with will still encounter weeds in some form or another. While the application is certainly helpful, external factors can break down the layer faster than anticipated, and some weeds may breakthrough. If this is the case, do not worry, as there are many post-emergent options available. At this point, weed identification is vital, because various herbicides perform better on different weeds. Nutsedge, clovers, and dandelions are just a few examples of weeds you may find in your Pittsburgh lawn, but they may require different treatments. When these weeds have already germinated, there are two main options. Contact control options will destroy the parts of the weed that they touch, killing annual weeds. For perennial weeds, systematic control options will absorb into and spread among the weeds. It is important to utilize a professional like Dream Greener when taking on a weed problem, as herbicides can be dangerous, and nobody wants to pull weeds by hand.

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