Mow, Prune, Edge and Maintain: Keep a Beautiful Landscape Year-Round

As our primary client typically possesses a luxury residential home, the appearance of their lawn and keeping a beautiful landscape all year-round falls at the top of our priority list. Your lawn is the first impression of your property and sets the tone for what will be seen in your landscape. An overgrown mess filled with brown patches of disease is the antithesis of what your lawn should look like. Taking a look at our gallery, it is fair to say we know a thing or two about how to achieve the opposite. The lawns of our clients are lush, green, and grow healthily year after year. With no luck involved, one must assume that it has to be the combination of services we offer our clients. Active lawn management is key in long-term consistency, which is the goal. One season of green grass is nice, but your turf should look pristine all year round. Here are some tips to maintain a well-kept yard no matter the time of year.

well kept beautiful landscape

Begin with the Basics: Mowing and Edging

No matter the current state your turf is in, from new growth in the spring to dormancy during the winter, mowing is a must. The frequency of your mowing is also important, as letting turf grow too long is a blaring sign of an unkempt yard. Letting grass grow too long can also create a festering ground for pests, and disease. Have your lawn care provider mow on a weekly basis during warm weather, never cutting more than ⅓ of the blade. Although it should always be said, ensure your lawn is edged, as clear boundaries make for a more structured feel.

Know your Soil: The Home of your Roots

It is easy to overlook the importance of your soil, as you do not often see the direct effects that it has. The health of your soil is extremely important, as this is where your turf and plant material form their roots. These roots are actively seeking nutrients such as oxygen and water. If your soil is too compact, these nutrients could have a tough time getting through. Aeration alleviates this issue, but it is not the only one. Acidity is also important, as is the pH of your soil. Soil tests can be used to determine need and will give you vital information on the state of your soil. It never hurts to have one done, with more information at your fingertips.

Feed your Turf: Fertilize Early

Keeping this tip simple and straightforward, your lawn needs nutrients. During the winter, these nutrients are harder to come by. Fertilizing early in the spring gives your lawn the boost it needs to start the year off right, with healthy growth. This service should be a staple in any lush lawn, and yours should be no different.

Tree and Plant Health: It’s not just about Turf

Although it may seem that way, your actual turf is not the only contributor to whether or not your lawn looks good. The trees and plants present in your property also contribute to the overall look and feel of your landscape, so they must be cared for as well. With the recent launching of our tree and plant health program, Dream Greener can provide comprehensive health services to the plant material present in your yard. With a combination of monitoring, insect control, and fertilization, you can be confident that your plant investment will pay off, accenting your beautiful lawn.

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts including licensed arborists, horticulturists, lawn and plant health specialists.  Our licensed and certified staff members have ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care and plant health care, landscape design, installation and maintenance, hardscaping, and snow & ice management.

Our business has grown because of our customers’ word-of-mouth recommendations to family, friends, and neighbors. Our company continues to flourish because we satisfy and delight our customers with levels of service and communication far exceeding the rest of the industry. Contact us today at (412) 835-1035.

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