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fall leaf removal

Prepare for the Pittsburgh Cold: Winterize This Fall

Whereas many landscapes are blessed with the weather of a tropical climate and warm temperatures year-round, this is not the case in Pennsylvania. The winters in Pittsburgh can be brutal, with snow and freezing temperatures […]

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Nutsedge- Treatment Options

Every year, homeowners across the country deal with a variety of weeds and other issues that cannot be solved without some effort. Weeds are common, and deadly, taking over large portions of your lawn. In […]

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Aeration and over seeding

The Importance Lawn Aeration

The importance of lawn maintenance in the Pittsburgh area is paramount, as there are so many threats it faces on a daily basis. You can do many things to keep your lawn healthy, from mowing […]

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Benefits of Lawn Compost

Lately, we have been discussing the topic of aeration and overseeding. Going over many of the benefits, and reasons why it is worth your investment. If it is something you find to be beneficial to […]

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an armyworm

Armyworms – True Threat

As an experienced landscaper knows, your lawn faces many challenges on an annual basis, beyond a lack of care. Ensuring your lawn is fed, watered, and mowed is one thing, but fending off pests, disease, […]

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luxury backyard landscape

Seven Must-Do Tips for a Healthier, Greener Lawn

Your lawn and landscaping say a lot about the value and care of your home. A healthier, greener lawn can say a lot about the value of the property. A professional tended, well-maintained property can […]

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5 Ways to Use Space Efficiently in your Landscape

We typically work with residential homeowners who have lofty aspirations for their landscape, and their dreams can take up a lot of physical space on their property. Oftentimes, we have to find ways to use […]

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Can Too Much Mulch Kill Plants?

“If a little is good, a lot is better?” If so you may be killing your plants with kindness, especially when it comes to mulch. While all plants grow better with mulch, too much can […]

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Landscape Sustainability on your Pittsburgh Property

We often hear sustainable landscaping used synonymously with “low maintenance landscaping.” While both are meant to achieve easier to manage, less intensive landscapes, there are some key differences. Landscaping with the intent of sustainability is […]

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What Does Lime Do for Your Lawn

Whether it is a sustainable landscape you are after, as we discussed in our previous blog, or just an aesthetically pleasing landscape to wow your neighbors and visitors, the health of your soil is paramount. […]

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Making your Landscape Live- Attracting Wildlife

One of the many ways in which homeowners often interest themselves in improving their landscape is in attracting wildlife to their property. Natural wildlife spending their time in and around your landscape can make it […]

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3 Residential Landscaping Trends for 2021

As a homeowner in Pittsburgh, it is imperative that you stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the landscaping industry. While your landscape may look great right now, it will become noticeable […]

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