Nutsedge- Treatment Options

Every year, homeowners across the country deal with a variety of weeds and other issues that cannot be solved without some effort. Weeds are common, and deadly, taking over large portions of your lawn. In the Pittsburgh area, one of the most active weeds is Nutsedge. It can sometimes be referred to by many different nicknames, including; “watergrass”, “sedge grass”, or “nutgrass.” It is caused by nutlets and rhizomes found present in your soil, and is not easily removed. The worse the drainage in a particular lawn is, the more prevalent nutsedge will be, as it partly stems from your grass being wet for too long. Lucky for us there are many treatment options and information that can help you battle a nutsedge issue.

Why Nutsedge is an Issue

The big problem with nutsedge is the ease within which it can spread. Seeds can spread through the air, lofting throughout your yard, as well as underground via the aforementioned rhizomes and nutlets. Because of this, nutsedge can be difficult to stamp out as the underground spread is so hard to get to. The seeds can also lie dormant in your lawn for extended periods of time before they decide to take over your yard.

Nutsedge Identification

Although it can look eerily similar to normal turf, there are some clear indicators that nutsedge is present in your lawn. It will pop up in the summer months, and be distinctly taller than the rest of the grass in your yard. Additionally, it will be a lighter lime-green color. If you still are not sure, there will be a rib running up the middle of the blade, as well as a triangular base that will clearly pronounce the presence of nutsedge. If it has already spread far and wide, you will clearly be able to tell with a simple look at your lawn.

Preventing Nutsedge

The best way to prevent nutsedge from ever taking hold in your yard is simple: keep your turf healthy. By constantly and consistently engaging in best practices for your lawn, and keeping it well maintained, you can prevent nutsedge from ever sprouting. Aeration, fertilization, and weed control will all actively keep nutsedge away, as your turf fights it off on its own. Prepare your lawn for battle by treating it right, and you can avoid the treatment options we will discuss next.

Nutsedge Treatment OptionsDream-Greener-Lawn

First things first when you find nutsedge present in your lawn is to contact Dream Greener. We routinely deal with nutsedge and have experienced professionals ready to apply treatments. Using a variety of herbicides (safely) we recommend three separate treatments to ensure that nutsedge is gone for good. Keep in mind that the last thing you want to do is pull these weeds by hand, as you will simply pull out the barely below ground root, and not the underground nutlets and rhizomes.

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts, each with ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care & maintenance, landscaping, and snow & ice management. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Give us a call today at (412) 835-1035.

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