Luxury Landscape Installation

When you are looking to upgrade your luxury landscape, there are many types of installations and enhancements that you may consider. A brand new patio for the backyard or a lighting installation in the front may both catch your attention. However, for the most consistency, and the best results, plant installation is going to be your best bet. Adding fresh color to your property can never go wrong. This is especially true when you combine it with other plant-related enhancements, such as a bed of fresh mulch. While it may seem like this is a task you could take on yourself, there are many benefits to working with a professional landscaper on these projects. Even more helpful is working with Dream Greener, and we will use the rest of this blog to show you why.

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Our Connections

When it comes to planting material, you will not find a landscape provider that has better relationships with growers than Dream Greener. Especially during this plant shortage, and the supply chain difficulties facing landscape companies across the U.S, we find ourselves still more than capable of providing plants. We stock material so that we have it on hand when you need it, and you can avoid the tedious waiting process of ordering backlogged and popular plant material. If you work with Dream Greener, we will have plants for you, when you need them.

Our History with Luxury Landscape

Taking a single look at our gallery on our website will show you countless examples of our past landscape installations. We broadcast exactly what we do because we are proud of our work. Our teams are experienced and well versed in all best practices, and we hold them to the very highest of standards. Take a moment to check out our gallery, where you can find examples of our landscape design and mulch installation projects.

Our Process for a Luxury Landscape

As we take a look at your property to begin the design process, there are a number of factors we consider. We like to keep things streamlined, ensuring that we meet all of your needs while considering the future of your landscape to ensure later efforts are not hindered by our work. The theme and style of your property are important, as is the flow. We also want to make sure that your maintenance of our installation is feasible, and does not capture you in an endless cycle of fixes. We are meticulous because we want to provide the best service possible to our clients.

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Our Customer Commitment

The three key pieces of our service guarantee are responsiveness, responsibility, and reliability. We will always be very open and consistent with our communication, as we know the problems many of our clients have had with past landscapers. You will have a dedicated account manager, ready to meet all of your needs. With Dream Greener, the quality is just different, something you will come to see as you work with us.

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts, each with ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care & maintenance, landscaping, and snow & ice management. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Give us a call today at (412) 835-1035.

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