Four Ways to Continue Maintenance Through the Winter

It has been the standard for decades that the wintertime is considered to be the off-season for landscapers and homeowners alike when it comes to landscape maintenance. The temperature drops, and both turf and plant material either die or become dormant. This leaves little room for action within your landscape, as most practices like mowing, fertilizing, and pruning are unnecessary. However, this is also the season where a landscape can set itself apart. As other homeowners are sitting on their hands, there are still maintenance activities that may not provide the massive benefits seen during the warmer months, but still, provide that leg up over the competition. Here are four ways to continue landscape maintenance through the winter.

Landscape Dormant, Weeds are Not

Although your lawn and landscape are both going to be relatively dormant through the winter months, many varieties of weeds are not. Winter is also the point where your landscape is at its weakest point, with stunted growth and the lowest nutrient total that will be seen all year. This is a prime environment for weed growth and spread. Being cognizant of what sprouts up in your landscape is important, as is consulting your landscape professional on best practices and treatment methods should it become a problem.

Leaf and Debris CleanupWay to continue maintenance with leaf removal

Once again, your landscape dormancy does not mean that it becomes immune from the leaves and debris that find their way into your property. These leaves and debris can not only create an eyesore but be functionally detrimental to the health of your landscape. A lack of cleanliness invites pests, disease, and weeds, as you have no idea what sort of contaminants may be present in random debris. Soil compaction can also be an issue, so you should continue to engage in routine cleanups when the issue becomes apparent.

Winter Pruning: Promote Healthy Growth

Dormancy is the theme of the winter but is also the reason why you must prune your plant material during the season. As growth has stopped, it is the easiest time to identify and remove death and decay from your plant material. Giving your greenery new life as it enters the spring, effective pruning will enable healthier growth. This is also the time to focus on the aesthetic appearance of your plant material and remove foliage that does not look good. Generally, we recommend leaving this to the professionals, and Dream Greener will take care of you.

Protect Plants from Cold

In a recent standalone blog, we discussed various ways to protect your plants from the cold of the Pittsburgh winter, so we recommend checking that out. The cold can be very detrimental to the health of your plants, especially when temperatures dip below freezing. Not only is the air temperature going to be an issue, but the freezing of your soil will also be problematic. When your roots get too cold, your plant can be at risk of dying. For a comprehensive list of ways to protect your plants from the cold, and ensure healthy growth come spring, check out our previous blog here.

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