Armyworms – True Threat

As an experienced landscaper knows, your lawn faces many challenges on an annual basis, beyond a lack of care. Ensuring your lawn is fed, watered, and mowed is one thing, but fending off pests, disease, and weeds is another altogether. Each of these threats can be damaging to your lawn, but one of the most lethal are lawn pests. They chew through your turf, and burrow in your soil, causing long-term damage. Recently, a new pest has emerged in the Pittsburgh area that is not typically seen. Armyworms are lawn pests, and they have been routinely killing lawns in the area, leaving them with a need for a complete renovation. You need to be informed on the risk associated with these pests, and what can be done to prevent them. Here is everything you need to know about Armyworms.

Armyworms: The Pest

With their common name, you might expect this pest to be a large worm. In actuality, these worms are just the larvae of the armyworm moth and are very small in size. They typically stay away from homes, and prey on large amounts of crops, such as grain. More well-suited for warmer weather, they are not usually found as far north as they have come this year. Typically, with fall approaching, they would be making their way towards the warm weather of Texas and Florida. While this is not a pest you will deal with every single year in Pennsylvania, you must be aware of them at this current time.

Potential Damage Caused by Armyworms

Lucky for homeowners across the country, Armyworms are not a truly invasive species, but that does not mean they are not dangerous. The biggest worry surrounding Armyworms is the speed within which they can take over your lawn. One day, your grass could be green and luscious, and the next a large brown patch could appear. They also burrow into your soil and pupate, reproducing extremely quickly.

Telltale Signs of Armyworms

When trying to determine if you have an Armyworm problem in your yard, there are going to be a few easy steps. Assuming you are up to date on all proper lawn maintenance, inexplicable brown patches in your yard will be the first sign. Additionally, they will leave little white spheres (eggs) all-around your landscape. If you want to be sure, go to the brown patch, and pour soapy water on top, bringing any pests to the surface. They will have bright stripes on their side and be about an inch and a half in length.

Treatment Options

Armyworms are some of the hardest pests to treat, as once they have a hold in your yard, they become tough to remove. However, we offer the best products to reduce and control their damage. Because this is the first our area has seen these insects in decades, the treatment is not part of our standard lawn health program. Following pest treatment, we recommend double aeration and seeding to help the lawn recover. The best option is good lawn care practices, working with Dream Greener.

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