Seven Must-Do Tips for a Healthier, Greener Lawn

Your lawn and landscaping say a lot about the value and care of your home. A healthier, greener lawn can say a lot about the value of the property. A professional tended, well-maintained property can be used to showcase your home’s curb appeal and provides an investment both as a homeowner and a neighbor.

Year-round, Dream Greener provides full-service lawn and landscaping care and maintenance for Pittsburgh and South Hills homeowners and business owners. We know how much time and effort is spent keeping yards beautiful and green.

We’d like to provide our Top Seven Tips for Great Lawn Care:
1. Mulching and edging

Mulching adds to your property’s curb appeal, replenishes the minerals in the soil, and maintains and retains the correct moisture for your plantings (especially during the summer). Edging keeps your mulch and lawn separated, provides a clean look, and ensures that mulch isn’t spilling out onto your lawn.

2. Spring Clean-ups

Cold, moisture, and snow affect the look and health of your lawn. So does debris caused by falling twigs and tree branches during snow or wind storms. Plus, stray leaves from the fall can harm your plants and diminish curb appeal. A spring clean-up will make your property look clean and well-tended even before the growing season begins.

3. Custom Fertilization

Fertilizers should be applied year-round. Spring fertilization ensures that your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs following the winter and also repairs grass and plants affected by snow mold and road salt. Summer fertilization is specially blended to work with hot summer conditions. In the fall and early winter, your lawn should be fertilized to prepare your grass for a cold and snowy winter. With custom-blended fertilizer, your lawn will look its best throughout the year.

4. Core Aeration and Overseeding

In the fall, it’s important to ensure that your grassroots are healthy and growing and that your grass has enough nutrients to withstand a long – and possibly very cold – winter.

Seven Must-Do Tips for a Healthier, Greener Lawn

Core aeration’s many benefits include:
• Loosening the soil
• Enhancing the root system
• Allowing seeds to take root
• Thinning out the thatch.

Once aeration is completed, overseeding to replenish your lawn with new grass seed can begin.

5. Weed and Insect Control

Using pre-emergent weed, crabgrass, and insect control will prevent unsightly annoyances so common in the summer.

6. Repairs and Treatments

It is important to repair the turf problems that are caused by disease, a hot dry summer, or insect damage. The first step you can take is to fertilize and lime the grass after you aerate to protect the roots of the grass and infuse the turf and soil with nutrients.

7. Scheduled Maintenance and Year-Round Care

With all-season care, you’ll enjoy a well-maintained lawn no matter what time of year it is. Using a lawn-service company year-round means that you’ll be able to rely on predictable service that will enhance your home or businesses’ curb appeal.

Dream Greener’s maintenance packages are based on your property’s particular needs, from soil requirements, to needed nutrients, to the position of the sun on your plantings. Our reliable, scheduled, multi-season service makes it easy to maintain a healthier, greener lawn. Let us do the work while you enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, well-maintained property.

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