Making your Landscape Live- Attracting Wildlife

One of the many ways in which homeowners often interest themselves in improving their landscape is in attracting wildlife to their property. Natural wildlife spending their time in and around your landscape can make it look and feel more alive, and wow your visitors. Additionally, you are going to be contributing to the local environment, making your landscape sustainable and low maintenance. Different wildlife are attracted to different things, as what may bring about a butterfly, will not also bring around a bunny. As we specialize in high-end residential landscapes, we can get down to the most intricate ways to liven up your landscape, utilizing a variety of services to do so. Here are some of the ways you can go about making your landscape live, by attracting local wildlife.

Flower Installation

At Dream Greener, we like to start with the basics, as they are the foundation of beautiful landscapes. No property is complete without a full-plant selection, so why not choose varieties that will attract wildlife. Pollinators love certain varieties of plants, such as lilacs and lavender. Pollen and nectar are vital to the local ecosystem, so providing it does more than just attract the wildlife to your backyard. For butterflies specifically, try verbena and butterfly bush. Iris, lily, and petunia are great for incentivizing mockingbirds to come spend their time around your home. Always begin with flowers, especially if you do nothing else, they are sure to bring around the local wildlife. Use native plants for the best results.

Making your Landscape Live- Attracting Wildlife

Avoid Lawn Pests

Maintain very good long-term maintenance of your lawn, so you can avoid taking on pests at all costs. Any wildlife that would make an appearance on your property likely hates pesticides, so not having to ever use them is a huge plus. They are also toxic to humans, and when heavy rains hit, they can get caught up in the runoff, spreading around.

Install a Natural Water Source

Whether this be a small pot for birds, or a pond that you surround with some beautiful boulderscaping, refreshing water is sure to attract animals. Attracting wildlife is centered around providing wildlife the necessary nutrients they need to survive, with water being key. There is no specific directive when it comes to this, so you can get very creative with the design-build aspect. As aforementioned, you can also keep it simple, with a birdbath or container, and that will do the trick. Adding a natural water source can help your landscape live.

Change with the Seasons

Different varieties of plant material are meant for different times of the year and interact with wildlife in accordance. Utilizing annual flower rotations, you will keep the wildlife around all year long. While it is nice to see in the summer, why not have birds, bunnies, and butterflies around throughout every season?

Keep Your Landscape Clean

The simplest way to keep wildlife happy on your landscape is to make sure there is nothing present within it that can harm them. Free of trash, debris, and chemicals, you don’t want wildlife to accidentally consume something harmful. If your landscape needs a refresher, you can always engage in a spring or fall cleanup to give your landscape a fresh start.

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