Hydroseeding 101: All You Need To Know

Every homeowner and landscaper alike are always looking for ways to keep their lawn healthy. There are many different services that can contribute to this effort, from aeration to fertilization. However, the reality is these treatment options do not always work, while pests and diseases creep into your property, killing your turf. For high-end residential properties, this is unacceptable. Turf must be replaced, but there are many options available and it can get confusing. Classic seeding is always an option, but it is very messy. Sod is another great option, but it can break the bank and require some intensive initial maintenance. Today we want to present to our customers our favorite seeding option, which is hydroseeding. Steadily growing in popularity, it is the process by which seed is combined with a variety of organic soil additives to form a slurry that can be sprayed onto your property. This will establish turf on any type of surface. Here is everything you need to know about hydroseeding.

close up of hydroseeding

What is Hydroseeding?

As was aforementioned, hydroseeding is the application of a slurry. This is the combination of seed, water, and many different additives specifically designed to aid in new turf growth. Some of these additives could include fertilizer, lime, water, and paper fiber mulch. Each of these contributes to healthy turf growth by speeding up key germination processes and increasing moisture retention. The real difference between hydroseeding and alternative methods is the ability to apply the slurry anywhere. As it is sprayed in a liquid format, this spray can be applied without discrimination to the slope of a given surface. It is typically combined with erosion control matting, which keeps seeds in place as they grow on any uneven surface.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

So far, to you, the hydroseeding process is just an alternative way to get seed from one point to another. However, the benefits of hydroseeding outdo other methods by a longshot. Because the methodology is so different, the slurry is able to be applied in places where seeding was previously difficult. Sloped yards are now easily seeded, without the worry that seeds will be displaced. The erosion control mats that we utilize at Dream Greener allow the vegetation to grow through them, preventing wash off from rainfall or wind. This structure and support cannot be found with other seeding methods. Furthermore, all of the additives that are already mixed into the seed would have to be individually applied, so hydroseeding increases efficiency.

Save Time and Money

Although this likely falls under the category of benefits, saving money is one of the biggest draws hydroseeding has to offer. As the format is so much more streamlined, and the spray is easily applied, labor costs are drastically reduced. Maintenance is not nearly as intensive once seeding is done, which also saves time. Also, the actual cost of the seed itself is much lower compared to sod, which is expensive due to the work required for it to be put together. Without the need for the additive application to your seed, potential costs are also eliminated. You cannot go wrong with hydroseeding, so consider it for your next seeding needs.

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