Invisible Fence Policy

Invisible Dog Fence on Client’s Property

It’s Your Responsibility; Please Mark with Flags.

Clients are responsible for marking the invisible dog fence throughout the property PRIOR to Dream Greener crews providing any service to your property that would break the fence line, such as shovel edging, sod cutting or aeration services.

Dream Greener crews are NOT responsible for repairing (or paying for the repair) of any broken lines.

In most cases, the company who installed/maintains your fence will happily supply you with flags to properly mark the fence throughout your property.

Even when the best practices are performed, a lawn may have poor health if over- or under- or improperly mowed. Learn about proper mowing by asking the Dream Greener specialist.

As always, year-round, we promise to be responsive, reliable, and responsible to you and to fulfill and satisfy your needs for full-service, full-time, professional service


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