Tree and Shrub Warranty


 Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape, LLC brings years of professional experience and knowledge to your property and to every property it serves.

From our suggestions on plant and seed selections, to installation, to our instructions to you for your lawn and plant health care, to our follow-up visits and service, you receive, and benefit from, best practices, personnel, and products!

Ultimately, the care of your grounds is a partnership. Dream Greener and you each have responsibilities.  We highly recommend our tree and shrub health program.  Service includes, liquid and granular fertilizer injections, disease and insect motoring and treatment.

Proper watering, trimming and pruning, fertilizer, pest and disease programs each have a significant and cumulative impact on the health of your grounds — in addition to the quality, content, and conditions of and in and below the soil as well as acts of nature and other events and circumstances beyond our control, for which no reasonable measures taken will prevent or control.


All trees and shrubs that we source, deliver, and install, One (1) year from the installation date.  If the tree or shrub dies within that year, a replacement of equal value will be installed. We do not offer a guarantee on annuals, perennials, or ground covers.

*The Warranty does not cover the following categories of occurrences:

  • Acts of nature (including, but not limited to, weather conditions, hurricanes, lightning, heavy rains, washouts, ponding and pooling of water, etc.)
  • The quality, content, and conditions of, in, around, and below the soil (including, but not limited to, clay, rocks, microbes, pathogens, etc.)
  • Events or circumstances beyond our control (including, but not limited to, improper care or damage by humans, pets, pests, or wildlife).


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