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How To Prepare For Dream Greener Service Visits

Health and Safety Preparations prior to each Dream Greener service visit:

Please keep persons, pets, and personal property indoors at all times while Dream Greener is on your property for the performance or provision of services and/or products, whether or not directly in or around the service area(s). No outdoor area, whether gated and/or locked, will be safe or secure and/or sufficiently protective from injury or harm.

Remove all pet and animal waste. Neither animal feces nor animal urine are healthy for people or plants, shrubs, or grasses. Parasites, disease, and infection can be passed to other living things and the waste can destroy, damage, dry up, or discolor grasses, plants, and shrubs. For the health and safety of our personnel, Dream Greener’s management has instructed its field crews to postpone service until and reschedule after the client has cleared the animal waste from the grounds.

Fully bury and/or, respectively, clearly mark, stake, and/or protect: objects, obstacles, obstructions, and/or equipment that:

  • Protrude from surfaces, and/or
  • Are or will be concealed, whether by ground or weather conditions or otherwise, amidst the property or on or near the service areas (e.g., water shut-offs, electrical boxes, sewer vents, hydrants, etc.) or amidst elements of the lawn and/or landscape, whether normally placed above-ground or underground (e.g., “invisible fences,” utility cables/wires/pipes, irrigation or sprinkler components/heads/lines, etc.), and/or
  • Would create or contribute to damage or injury to any property or persons.

If you are unable to perform these preparations, please advise and/or request that your original third-party vendor/provider do so or request that Dream Greener do so at your expense and direction.

Ensure that you communicate and provide accurate information to Dream Greener regarding all property lines, easements, ownership, and conditions of the property — Dream Greener will be relying solely on the information you provide.

Simply put, the purpose of these preparations is to protect all persons, pets, and property from injury, damage and/or cleanups resulting from or in any way related to undisclosed, unknown, unseen, unsafe, hazardous, and/or dangerous conditions on your property and to enable Dream Greener to provide its services safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention, assistance, and cooperation in preparing for our service visits. For further details, please call or email our office or refer to your Dream Greener service agreement.

As always, you are welcome to seek our personal attention and/or expert advice, should questions or problems arise or should you wish to secure our services, by contacting us or by calling us at 412.835.1035 at any time.

As always, too, we thank you, for your patronage!

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