Spring Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Pittsburgh Landscape

The rising temperatures in the spring means that cabin fever is over and all of your neighbors will be coming outside to work in their yards and gardens. While mowing and fertilizing your lawn probably isn’t the first thing you’ll tackle, we have some ideas that are so quick and easy that even those with allergies won’t mind heading outdoors!

Remember that it’s never too early to plan for your container gardens if 

you want to get the most from your pots.

If you plan to have company over for early spring holidays like Easter, we suggest early spring annual bloomers like pansies in your pots. They can take the cold too, so you won’t need to move them indoors during a cold snap after the event.


You can also plant to incorporate herbs in your pots, not just for color, but to enjoy! Fresh herbs can be used in everything from refreshing summer cocktails to savory home-cooked meals. Friends also love to receive fresh herbs as a gift! Some of the tastiest and easiest herbs to grow include basil, mint, rosemary, and sage.

When you bring your containers out early, you’re going to be the talk of the neighborhood because you’ll have the opportunity to do 4 or more complete color change outs throughout each season.

One tip when choosing your annuals is to look at a color wheel to choose your selection. Colors opposite on the color wheel are called complementary colors which means they’ll look beautiful together. That’s why yellow and purple are so popular.


This spring, begin planning for the creation of small outdoor areas that work as an extension of your indoor living space.

Take a quick walk around your property and notice some of your favorite spots.  Why do you love them so much?  Likely it’s because that area has become an extension of your home, bringing living to the outside.

You don’t need to have an elaborate pergola, gazebo or screened in porch to bring the party outdoors. In fact, many of our clients

like to work in phases to create the oasis of their dreams.

  • A couple of small bistro tables with a movable, outdoor serving cart would be a great addition to an already established paver patio, where people could congregate around before a dinner party.
  • A small fire pit with Adirondack chairs circled around it would provide lots of laughs and storytelling in the far back corner of your yard for the kids.
  • A bubbling boulder with a hammock nearby the backdoor will catch your eye to relax and meditate in the sunshine and breeze of Spring.

At Dream Greener, we can design something that fits your time frame and your budget. Our team of expert landscape designers will ask questions about how you use the space and even what the view looks like from inside.  There’s nothing worse than having big bay windows that are blocked by poor landscape design when you look out.

With all the guests you’ll be able to entertain this year, make sure you’ve done your job of traffic control.

Commonly walked on areas, even from the dog, should not be left as turf. The Fescue and Bluegrass turf in Pittsburgh is not designed

for excessive wear and tear.  We recommend installing pavers or other hard surface through that area, if it makes sense.


Once you’ve created a walkway, incorporate plants with beautiful foliage that spread alongside of it to give a visual illusion that your guests are walking into somewhere magical.  Be sure to light the path for night use!

Get a professional landscape design for your property.

A solid design can bring your dreams to life. At Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape, we create professional landscape designs for residential homeowners in the Pittsburgh region.

Our experienced team also provides seasonal services for your property, like spring & fall clean-ups, professional mowing, fertilization & weed control, shrub pruning, gardening maintenance, mulch, retaining wall construction, snow removal and more.

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