Creating an All-Seasons/Year-Round Plan for Your Property

Year-Round Property Plan

Some home and business owners believe that their lawn is a one-season responsibility, and that season is usually summer. They spend some time cutting the grass, pulling some weeds, putting down a bit of mulch, and then realize that their grass doesn’t look healthy. It may surprise people to know that lawn care and property maintenance is actually a year-round job.

A well-tended lawn and manicured property is the result of months of planning and maintenance, and requires many hours of work to give your home or business the curb appeal that you desire. This is just an example of what lawn and landscaping firms to for their year-round clients by season:

  • Spring. First, early spring maintenance will clear out any stray leaves or fallen tree branches from the fall or winter. It’s the season to tend to your grass with spring aeration (if you have a dense lawn or didn’t aerate in the fall) and soil preparation to restore nutrients that were lost over the winter. Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control should be applied to prepare for a rainy spring and the early summer. Lawn maintenance starts in early spring, not in May!
  • Summer. Summer’s plan for lawns continues with weed control and slow-acting fertilizer that’s best used during the hot months. This is also the season for bugs and lawn diseases that can harm the grass, so a firm will develop a plan to ensure your lawn remains healthy.
  • Fall. Now that the hot weather is gone, it’s time to tend to your lawn’s overall health. Fall aeration and lime application are among the most important things you can do. It’s also time to overseed or re-seed to make your lawn uniformly lush and green prior to winter’s freeze.
  • Winter. In the early winter, fertilizer should be applied so that roots are protected and can continue to develop during the winter. Fertilizer will also help to ensure that your lawn will quickly become green again in the spring.

Benefits of Year-Round Lawn Care

With all-season care, you’ll enjoy a well-maintained lawn no matter what time of year it is. Using a lawn-service company year-round means that you’ll be able to rely on predictable service that will enhance your home or businesses’ curb appeal.

Many lawn care companies have trained, professional technicians and certified lawn care managers who can offer you a maintenance package that’s based on your property’s particular needs, from soil requirements, to needed nutrients, to the position of the sun on your plantings.

Dream Greener’s reliable, scheduled, multi-season service makes it easy to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Please call us at 412-835-1035 to find out how we can save you headaches and backaches and increase the beauty and the value of your property.

Let us do the work while you enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, well-maintained property.

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