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Lawn Care Pricing for a Healthy Lawn in Mt. Lebanon, PA

Starting a lawn or landscaping project in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, involves two critical steps: defining your vision and aligning it with your budget. At Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape we are committed to helping you […]

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Mt. Lebanon, PA with Our Landscape Pricing Guide

Dream Greener: Your All-in-One Landscape Solution in Pennsylvania

Navigating landscape maintenance can be a challenging task. Whether you manage a commercial property that prioritizes the safety and well-being of tenants and guests or own a residential property where an entertainment-ready space is key, […]

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Why Do I Need A Full-Service Landscape Company?

In the landscaping marketplace, there are many companies offering a wide range of services. Scouring through websites to see the specifics is something that takes time and effort you might not have available as a […]

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a lawn that is mowed weekly

Benefits of Weekly vs Bi-Weekly Mowing

Whether you are a homeowner who utilizes a landscaping company to manage your turf, or you take on the responsibility yourself, the mowing frequency can be relevant to the health of your landscape. Many homeowners […]

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fall leaf removal

Prepare for the Pittsburgh Cold: Winterize This Fall

Whereas many landscapes are blessed with the weather of a tropical climate and warm temperatures year-round, this is not the case in Pennsylvania. The winters in Pittsburgh can be brutal, with snow and freezing temperatures […]

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Curating the Feel of Fall Color

In a few of our previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of fall color and integrating it into your landscape. There is more to fall color than the installation of a few seasonal plants, […]

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luxury landscape

4 Ways Dream Greener Outdoes the Competition

Having served many clients across the greater Pittsburgh area, and with years of experience serving residential landscaping clients, we have been able to refine our craft. We often hear from new clients switching over to […]

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Aeration and over seeding

The Importance Lawn Aeration

The importance of lawn maintenance in the Pittsburgh area is paramount, as there are so many threats it faces on a daily basis. You can do many things to keep your lawn healthy, from mowing […]

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5 Grass Growing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

All grasses belong to the Poaceae family which contains over 12,000 different species. With a number that large, it’s helpful to break them into groups where the majority will be forages. But some will be […]

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3 Insider Watering Tips for Healthy Landscape Plants Year Round

  If we were to ask for your secrets to healthy living you might point to diet, exercise and rest or sleep. While there are countless other variables, such as vitamin supplements or spending quality […]

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What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Lawn and Landscaping Soils

Soil health is one of the little understood aspects of residential landscapes for a very simple reason. Everything is happening quietly beneath the surface. In fact, just as plant professionals go to the soil to […]

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Spring Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Pittsburgh Landscape

The rising temperatures in the spring means that cabin fever is over and all of your neighbors will be coming outside to work in their yards and gardens. While mowing and fertilizing your lawn probably […]

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