4 Ways Dream Greener Outdoes the Competition

Having served many clients across the greater Pittsburgh area, and with years of experience serving residential landscaping clients, we have been able to refine our craft. We often hear from new clients switching over to Dream Greener about the poor treatment they received working with other area landscapers. With this information, and consistently gathering client feedback, we are able to create a seamless client experience and maintain positive client relationships. Beyond just our client interactions, we also strive to do better than our competition in every conceivable way. This is why our clients are able to “Dream Greener” as we provide them with the most comprehensive landscaping experience in the Pittsburgh area. Here are four ways our team at Deam Greener outperforms the competition.

Quality of Work

Simply put, you will not find the same quality assurance standards at other landscaping establishments. Not only do we hire experienced landscaping professionals, but we also hold our employees to high standards on every property that we service. There is a reason we specialize in high-end, luxury landscaping, as it requires attention to detail that cannot be found anywhere else. It is obvious from the gallery on our website that our quality of work is superior, and it is no surprise why. For each of the services we provide, it must be done right, or it will be fixed. Check out our gallery to see our quality of work.

Consistent CommunicationOutperform competition

Many of the problems that clients have with other landscapers are rooted in poor communication and a lack of reliability. To alleviate this concern, we assign managers to each of our accounts, to provide a streamlined point of contact for any question related to your property or project. Any contact made by a customer is responded to within 24 hours, as we aim to avoid poor appearances. We even maintain multiple methods of communication for variable circumstances, from a phone call, to a web submission, to an email.

Providing Customer Resources and Education

Another issue found by many of our clients with past landscapers is a lack of understanding about why certain services are needed. Rather than simply tack on extra services, hoping to increase your bill at the end of the project, we provide thorough explanations on our website. With our “Greener Grounds” handbook and our other various e-books, we provide numerous ways for our clients to educate themselves on the “why” behind the services we provide. Additionally, we routinely publish industry-relevant content on our blog, helping our customers to find ideas and information about their landscape.

Specialized in Luxury Residential Landscaping

Unlike many of the do-it-all landscaping companies that provide commercial services, residential services, and sub-contract anything else you may need, we know where our strengths lie. This means that if you own a high-end residential property that is in need of landscaping, you can call the professionals who work with your type of property every day. There is no transition for our account managers, technicians, or office staff, as we consistently work with similar clients. When we quote you on a job, we have done it many times before, so you can be confident in everything from quality to cost.

Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is led by a staff of service experts, each with ten years or more of professional experience, focused exclusively on lawn care & maintenance, landscaping, and snow & ice management. Locally owned and operated, we are proud to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. Let us show you how we at Dream Greener outperform the competition. Contact Us or call today at (412) 835-1035.


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