Curating the Feel of Fall Color

In a few of our previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of fall color and integrating it into your landscape. There is more to fall color than the installation of a few seasonal plants, in typical autumn color palettes. You must utilize the current features of your landscape as centerpieces while adding or rotating in fall color to accent. You do not need a degree in landscape design, or to employ a landscape design firm to accomplish the goal of creating a fall look on your property. You are more than capable of doing this all on your own, with the help of your current landscaper. It is also in the best interest of your landscaping team to avoid a generic or bland look. Your fall color curation should be creative and unique, standing apart from the competition. From long-term investments to simple additions, here is how to curate the feel of fall color.

Carefully Choose Non-Plant Colors Wisely

Fall Color

One great way to add fall color is to think beyond your live plant material and go about the rest of your landscaping activities with color in mind. Fall is a great time to refresh the mulch across your property, so when selecting a color, choose a brighter red-brown color, right for the season. Additionally, when adding hardscapes you can use decorative stone, or pavers for walkways that are reminiscent of fall. Your landscape is much more than the flowers planted within it, so keep fall color in mind when installing other amenities.

Combine Annuals and Perennials

It is a foregone conclusion that for the fall, annual rotation is a must. It is very important to move away from dead summer annuals, to colorful fall annuals. These will also be hardier during the winter months, surviving the cold of Pittsburgh. However, annuals are not the end, as perennials are staple pieces in your property and must be thought of as well. Installing some perennials that bloom in the fall can be beneficial to the overall appearance of your flower beds. Even better, they will act as low-maintenance greenery for the rest of the year.

Long Term: Installation of Fabulous Fall Trees

While trees are a great installation year-round, they can be especially pretty in the fall when their color begins to change. Many varieties of trees provide great color in the autumn, such as maple, cypress, and spruce. It may be too late to provide any fall color this year, but installation can be a great long-term investment in your home. With a selection of trees, you can not only increase your property value but ensure a fall look through the foreseeable future. Remember, do not let leaves from your trees sit on your lawn as they can be harmful to the health of your turf. Rake and bag them, and save yourself the hassle of future lawn issues.

Add Simple Fall Color

If you are just trying to keep the fall festive and add color without a significant investment of time or money, there are a few simple ways to stay colorful. Utilize planters and containers to add fall annuals without messing with your existing flower beds. Another great way is to install a ground cover that blooms in your favorite fall colors, as this will be low cost and low maintenance. Ground cover will also be a great look in every season, with no attachment to the fall.

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