Deer overpopulation in the south hills area is a well know topic, especially for homeowners and landscapers. There is a constant battle between having a beautiful landscape and enjoying the wildlife in your neighborhood. Now you can have both with our Deer Deterrent Program. Our goal at Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape is to provide a natural repellant on your susceptible plants that will deter wildlife from feeding without causing any harm pets and on your property.

Natural, Safe, Effective Deer Deterrent

Our repellants are comprised of 7 natural ingredients that work by smell and taste aversion. Applications can be made in almost any climate or temperature and will not wash off with heavy rains due to sticking agents. A faint garlicy smell may be noticeable the day of the visit but will dissipate shorty after the deer repellant is applied.

Preventative Deer Deterrent Treatments Work Better

Although our products are highly effective, your landscape plants will require more than one application for year-round protection. Tender new growth on trees and shrubs in the spring is an easy, desirable meal for foragers, as well as most evergreens in the winter. Each deer repellant program is individually planned based on your location, the volume of deer traffic in your yard, and the weather conditions. Harsh extended winters may require more than one application.

We Recommend

One visit every other month is the recommended program for moderate to high deer traffic and feeding issues. This will offer the highest level of protection for all stages of growth throughout the year.

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