Best Cold Resistant Plants to Keep Color in Your Landscape This Winter

Unfortunately, the harsh reality of living in Pennsylvania is that we will always be far from a tropical climate. Far from hurricanes, but not so far from snowstorms and freezing temperatures. The latter is more concerning for your landscape, and experienced local gardeners know how to prepare. Many do so by taking their plants inside, and calling it a day until spring rolls around. However, this does not have to be the case for you. Believe it or not, you can actually still plant in your landscape right this very moment. The only thing you need to do is stick to this list of the best cold-resistant plants for your landscape this winter.

Best Cold Resistant Plants to Keep Color in Your Landscape This WinterViolas

For an extremely low-maintenance perennial that will bloom with bright colors, this is a great choice. They are known to grow even through the freezing snow on mountain tops, resistant even to snow. Coming in a wide array of colors, you can put your finger anywhere on the color wheel and find a variety close by. They typically grow to be about a foot in height, and around the same in both length and width on the ground.


Known for being native to Mexico, these flowers come in all shades of red, pink, and orange. Their famous red color is perfect for the holiday season, especially leading into Valentines day. They look similar to a rose when blooming, and they will need a little bit of maintenance at inception. Just routine water and some fertilizer to give them a boost off the ground should be enough.


Beyond the flashy name, this plant is known for being a medium-height plant that bridges the gap between tall background plants and small bedding flowers. Dwarf varieties can be found to grow as short as 6 inches, but some can be as tall as 3 feet. Nearly every color is offered besides blue, and they will need average maintenance, really just entailing water and the occasional pruning. 

Creeping Dogwood

We know many of our clients are fond of ground cover, so we thought we would include one. The foliage is oval, and the flowers themselves bloom in a sort of star-like shape. They also grow branches full of red berries that attract birds and other wildlife. Only growing to 9 inches tall, as the name suggests, will creep outwards from your planting point. For a blanket of attractive foliage to cover up an unsightly area, Creeping Dogwood cannot be beaten.

Dogwood Trees

This name probably sounds familiar, as it is the tree version of the ground cover we just discussed. These are extremely cold-resistant just like their flower counterpart. Although they take time to mature, they are best planted now and will continue to bloom through future winter spells. The average height that they reach is around 33 feet, but you can find varieties that suit the specific needs of your property. On top of being cold-resistant, trees in general increase property value and provide valuable privacy!

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