Keeping Your Landscape Safe For Trick-or-Treaters

What you have heard is true, times are changing at Deram Greener. Not at all how you think, the quality of work is as high as ever, and the customer service is still second to none. However, because of this, we have been fortunate to expand our operations from the luxury residential properties we have historically served, to adding commercial landscaping packages. It is also true that the holiday season is coming up, so we wanted to stay consistent and give our residential customers some well-deserved attention. They need to know how much we care, and this is why we are going to prepare you for Halloween. This is how to keep your landscape safe for trick-or-treaters. 

Keep the Property Clear

This should go without saying, but children will not always stay on the designated sidewalk and driveway areas. Sometimes they will traipse through the yard and stumble over a loose hose, or step on an animal toy. Best to keep these items out of the lawn as the holiday is coming up. The same can be said for anything that might be a hazard to children at night, especially if your property is dim.

Ensure Lights are On

Perhaps you take the time to install some LED lights, in a combination of orange and green for the Halloween season. Or, you just have regular old driveway and entryway lights. In any case, make sure they are turned on. Of course, this is only if you are handing out candy, not apples and toothpaste. There might be objects in your landscape that cannot be removed, like electrical boxes, light posts, or sharp shrubs. Children need to be able to see these and steer clear so they can continue the best night of their year. 

Leave Pets Inside

Although it might be a fun night to hang out with a man’s best friend in the entryway on Halloween, this could scare some children. Some could be allergic, have bad experiences, or do something to rile up your animal. The best practice is just to leave the animal inside, to give children a stress-free experience on their way to your home.

Decorations Away from Walkways

We understand the excitement for the season and decorating your home, we have been there before. Checking out the local Halloween shop and grabbing an assortment of skeletons, gravestones, and witches is never a dull time. However, it is in the best interest of both you as the owner of these decorations, and the safety of the children, to keep these away from the areas the children will be populating. Damage to the decorations is never out of the question, and you never know what a situation like that can spiral into. 

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