New Year, New Trends

If you were to go out to the mall with parachute pants or a tophat, you might get some funny looks. Why? Because these pieces of clothing were popular many years ago, and are no longer trendy today. The landscape is not too far off in terms of trends with some growing and losing popularity each year. For homeowners, this might be a big deal if you want to keep up with the Joneses, or just enjoy the benefits offered by the newer trends. For property managers, keeping up with trends in commercial properties is essential to staying competitive in the marketplace. Other properties are sure to be offering their tenants and potential clients the trendiest amenities, so you should too. To get you started, here are some of the new trends for the new year.

Landscape Sustainability

While in past years this trend fell lower on our lists, it needs to be at the top of our list for 2023. News about climate change and the environment has been making headlines for years now, but the sentiment has really started to take hold in the landscaping industry. It takes very little effort to use native plant materials that are low maintenance and stimulate the local ecosystem. Butterflies, birds, and bees will appreciate your consideration of their needs on your property, and you will use fewer resources to take care of these plant varieties. 

Outdoor Common Areas

With this trend applying to both commercial and residential properties, people are enjoying their post-pandemic time outdoors. For residential properties, a top priority for many home buyers is the ability to host. Commercial properties benefit from outdoor common areas as their tenants can now host events, or work outside. This is just another amenity for prospective tenants, as they can offer the luxury of an outdoor environment to their employees. See how the benefits of an outdoor common area trickle down to just about everyone, exactly why it is such a trend. We expect this trend is here to stay, likely a safe investment.

Mosquito Deterrent Focus

For many years we have just had to accept the fact that spending time outdoors in certain conditions meant using bug spray, or else. Mosquitoes are primary offenders, sucking blood and spreading disease. Now, companies like Dream Greener are offering landscaping programs that include mosquito-deterring treatments, and the installation of naturally mosquito-deterring plants. More than just a trend, this can change the convenience of your outdoor space for a lifetime.

Fire Pits

Rotating back into the mix for 2023, fire pits are a great addition to an outdoor common area. These are classic, and classic is back in. Providing warmth in the Pennsylvania cold, you can spend endless nights cooking hot dogs, or s’mores over the fire. It is one of the simpler hardscape installations that provides the most benefit, and we have seen a huge uptick in interest as of late. 

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