Just wanted to say thank you for your great service in caring for my lawn. My grass looks great this year and no weeds. As per your recommendation, I’m cutting the grass at 4 inches high and it looks great!

Thank you,

Tom Leverson – St Clair, PA


I have employed Dream Greener to remove snow from my property for the last several winters.  I have great admiration for the Dream Greener Team and the way they operate their business.  

COMMUNICATION: I am impressed first of all with the diligent efforts Dream Greener undertakes to communicate with customers.  When snow is predicted, they send us a comprehensive weather report.  They e-mail and advise us what quantity of snow we can expect to see and when his crews will arrive to remove it.  What I find truly amazing is that their predictions are always correct and the estimates concerning the time of removal are accurate as well. 

RELIABILITY: The Dream Greener team often appears in the middle of the night or in the early dark morning hours. For me, this is not a disturbance.  It is like music to my ears to hear them working in the dark. They plow my wide driveway and shovel all my walkways in just a few minutes. They apply just the right amount of calcium after the snow is cleared.  I now know that I will easily be able to get my car down my driveway first thing in the morning and that the mailman and others on foot will be able to get to my front door.

FOLLOW-UP: The last snowfall we had lasted all day.  The Dream Greener team came early in the morning and then – after a few additional inches fell – returned in the evening and plowed and shoveled my property again!  I guess I wasn’t surprised because I already knew that Dream Greener is a first-class business.  Then a few hours later I received a phone call from Jon.  He’d observed that since the crew’s last visit, there had been an additional small amount of snow. He wanted to know if I was satisfied and/or if I felt another visit might be required.

The world needs to be aware that there are business people of such quality in this community today. For that reason, I am eager to make myself available to answer questions and or share additional information about my experience with Dream Greener Lawn & Landscape.

 Terri Gould – Pittsburgh, PA


“These guys have done a great job on my lawn. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“Jon and his team are professional, reliable, and accommodating. They do a beautiful job. I use their services year round!”

“I’ve used Dream Greener services for two years now, and I don’t think there is a better service out there. I use them for lawn care, and for snow removal, and the jobs are consistently well done. Jon Stanton and crew are always accommodating.”

“We’ve been very happy with the services you guys have provided thus far, our lawn already looks impeccably better than it looked only a few weeks ago!”

“I had my plant beds redesigned and all the mulch replaced around my new house in Mt. Lebanon by the very professional crew of dream greener landscape and the job turned out excellent thank you for your hard work!”

“Dream Greener provides excellent service with amazing results. My lawn has been completely rejuvenated and looks entirely better since starting treatments with Dream Greener. What used to be a field of weeds and clover is now a nice green lawn!”

“Last spring I hired Dream Greener and I was very pleased with their work. They were very professional and did a great job! I now use their snow removal and mowing services as well, they always do amazing work”

“I Highly recommend Dream Greener Lawn Service. They were reasonably priced ( I had 3 other quotes) and the work performed was excellent! Their staff was great and services were fast, professional, and exactly what we needed!”

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