4 Tips to Improve the Health of Your Lawn

Although the entirety of your landscape is vitally important to the look and feel of your property, there are portions that need to be prioritized for the health of your lawn. As your lawn takes up such a significant chunk of space, especially in terms of curb appeal, lawn care is paramount. The ideal lawn looks luscious, and most importantly green. Adequate lawn maintenance will usually do the trick, but for long-term lawn health, you need to do more than just mow. Pests, weeds, and diseases are all active threats against your lawn, but the healthier your lawn is, the more well prepared your lawn will be to fight them off. Utilize these four tips to improve your lawn health, and keep those pesky brown patches out. Preventative measures always pay off, and you will thank yourself as your lawn grows better than ever.

Aeration and over seeding

Look into (Double) Aeration and Overseeding

With some of the tougher soil we encounter here in Pittsburgh, it is prudent for the long-term health of your soil that you aerate. This reduces soil compaction, allowing oxygen, a much-needed nutrient, to move more freely through root systems. Aeration then opens up the way for seeds to push deeper into the soil, which is why overseeding is a must post-aeration. At Dream Greener, we even offer double aeration that comes across your soil for a second time, assisting in the removal of thatch, which is dead turf buildup. Every other season is a good rule of thumb, especially in the fall, to improve your lawn health. Remember, double aeration really does mean double the results.

Get Serious about Soil Testing and Lime Treatment

Of course, there are the big names in lawn health, such as fertilization, or aeration, however, the health and contents of your soil, in combination with the right lime treatment, is a dark horse candidate for most valuable to your lawn. Lime is a soil amendment composed of beneficial nutrients and reduces the toxicity of your soil. To determine if your lawn is in need of this addition, a soil test can be done to measure toxicity and overall health. Soil is the environment in which your turf is attempting to form healthy roots, so its health should be taken seriously.

Leaf Removal

Rid you Lawn of Leaves and Debris

Although it may not seem like a problem to let leaves sit atop your lawn, like other debris, leaves can be harmful to the health of your turf and soil. Leaves are conducive to various lawn diseases and pests, which are no fun. A layer of debris also prevents sunlight, rain, and other nutrients from getting to your soil, and every bit counts. Giving yourself a fresh start, whether now or in the spring, will benefit both the aesthetic of your lawn and long-term health.

Treat Fertilization like Routine Maintenance

We consistently talk about the importance of lawn fertilization, because getting your lawn those vital nutrients is extremely important. Many homeowners only fertilize when they feel it is prudent, but the best way to maximize the health of your lawn is to make it a part of your routine schedule. Both spring and fall are great times to fertilize, giving your lawn a boost when growth is about to begin, and nutrients to store over the winter.

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