5 Great Reasons Why to Install a Paver Patio

Every landscape must-have enhancements that grab attention and excite those who are looking at it. Without these, your landscape is simply an aesthetic to be seen but not practically used. This is why some of these enhancements must be functional, and enable the use of your landscape. Good examples of these include both hardscapes and lighting which keep your outdoor space usable for events. One of our favorite hardscape recommendations at Dream Greener is a paver patio. We love the unique look that they provide over other more generic patio options, and of course, our customers love having a place to host friends and family. In this blog, we will discuss five great reasons why to install a paver patio.

backyard paver patio


Before we even discuss any other benefits of a paver patio, they actually have a durability advantage over other patio types. With pavers, you have a wider range of materials to choose from, and natural stone is often an option. Natural stone such as limestone is going to literally last forever, and be very low maintenance. Additionally, pavers can be installed with gaps, an aggregate beneath, and sometimes porous themselves to avoid that dreaded water damage.

Unique Style Options

Compared to a concrete slab, or a layer of brick, pavers give you so many options. They can be uniform in size and color, or irregular and flashy. This is why you will so often see them in luxury landscapes, as they are the preferred choice of savvy homeowners. You can even mix and match, and your patio is sure to be the talk of the town.

Great Place to Host

On the obvious side, yes an outdoor patio is a great place to host friends and family. This is the functionality we are talking about. Having a nice paver patio connects your indoor and outdoor space, and you can fill it with various amenities. There is no better place to spend a summer night, hanging out with your friends or watching your children play in the yard. It enables you to do so much more with your landscape, which we will discuss next.

Landscape Centerpiece

Another great benefit of installing a paver patio is the ability to landscape around it. Considering your patio is just stone, you need some flowers to accent it, and maybe even some lighting for the nighttime. Just installing one in the first place enables you to create a backyard oasis. Think of all the amenities you could add from a fire pit to a kitchenette, no wonder people love to spend time on their patios.

Increased Property Value

For all the reasons we just mentioned, a high-quality paver patio installation will certainly raise the property value of your home, no question about it. Potential home buyers will view it as an additional amenity, especially if it is well landscaped and maintained. Maintenance is simple and easy, with you just needing to wash off dirt and debris.

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