The importance of lawn maintenance in the Pittsburgh area is paramount, as there are so many threats it faces on a daily basis. You can do many things to keep your lawn healthy, from mowing it to an adequate height, to fertilization. There are specific nutrients that your turf requires to stay healthy and fight off predators like pests and disease. Air, water, and sunlight are all required to keep your grass green. Engaging in treatments and services that contribute to the health of your turf is vital, and aeration is one that we talk to our clients about on a daily basis. Specifically, aeration satisfies your soil’s need for air and prevents future problems. For everything, you need to know about aeration, and whether you should engage in single or double aeration services, we have you covered.

What is Soil Compaction?

The most obvious question we have to deal with is whether or not an individual lawn requires this service to begin with. The answer is very simple: yes. Your lawns need for aeration stems from the compaction of your soil. When your soil compacts, your lawn simply cannot breathe. This prevents vital oxygen nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf and stops growth. Soil compaction can stem specifically from foot traffic on your lawn, which we all have.

How Does Aeration Alleviate Soil Compaction?

With the issue being soil compaction, and aeration being the so-called solution, you need to know-how. Core aeration is the process by which pieces of soil and unwanted thatch and debris are pulled from the soil, giving room for air to flow. This simply loosens up your soil, allowing it to breathe freely.

Single Aeration or Double Aeration

Generally speaking, most landscaping companies offer single aeration services. This means that they take one pass through your lawn, and call it a day. While this is effective and great for your lawn, it is relatively unknown that you can actually aerate your lawn more than once, with truly better results. It is simple, the more passes through your yard with the core aerator, the more holes that are created, and the more debris that is removed. Less thatch and better results will stem directly from double aeration services.

Combining Double Aeration with Overseedingseeding

After you engage in (ideally) double core aeration services, you are going to want to make sure that you also overseed your lawn. This is the process by which you can fill in your turf with seed, and make sure that it thickens in growth. At Dream Greener, we even implement a grass seed that is specially designed to be resistant to drought, insects, and disease. Your lawn has to actively fight off many different threats every day, so give it an assist with a combination of double aeration and overseeding.

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