FAQ About Summer Lawns

Summer is upon us and our lawns!  There are a few things you want to be on the lookout for as it warms up outside.  Oh and don’t forget to read to the end – we’ve compiled a list of 10 activities that you can enjoy with your family in Pittsburgh this summer!



FAQ About Summer Lawns

Is treated grass safe for my dog and kids?

As the weed spraying season is in full force, many homeowners are asking, “Is the grass safe for my dog & kids?” It can depend on what is applied, but as for Dream Greener’s spray products once it’s dry, it’s safe.

We ask that you keep 2 and 4 legged animals off the grass immediately after treatment and up to about one hour. That gives the grass time to dry off.  Please read the care instructions that come with each application to learn more about watering. Each application is different.

What’s the deal with brown spots that pop up in my lawn each summer?

Brown spots can be caused from a number of reasons.  In the summer, it’s not uncommon to see entire areas of lawn dry out and turn brown due to lack of irrigation coverage.

Additionally, funguses such as Red Thread or Dollar Spot can attack lawns during really hot and humid periods in Pittsburgh.

Best practices to avoid lawn fungus include:

  • Mowing at the appropriate height – not too high and not too short
  • Aerate and seed in the fall every year to break down thatch
  • Allow your lawn to dry out during the day by watering in the morning
  • Provide ample drainage for low areas that hold water
  • If you’re not able to water regularly, mow less frequently with a sharp blade

I noticed my grass has white tips after mowing, what’s that about?

Dull mower blades leave your lawn with ragged cuts, which will cause your lawn to dry out faster. If you notice that your lawn has white tips a few days after mowing, your blade is too dull.

At Dream Greener we sharpen all of our blades daily to ensure you get a crisp cut every time!

By the way, during the heat of the summer, you want to make sure you’re not just mowing at the appropriate height, but also trimming at the appropriate height. You can open up your grass to disease, drought and insects by cutting it too short.  The extra canopy in the summer provides shade and holds in moisture.

I have some bare spots – Is it the right time to aerate or seed my lawn?

We recommend waiting for cooler temperatures to repair dead lawn patches.

The best time to overseed your lawn is going to the be after the heat of the summer so the seedlings have time to germinate and get strong before next year. The most common week to aerate and seed is around Labor Day.

If I am seeing moles, does that mean I have grubs?

Mole’s diets largely consist of earthworms.  So just because you have moles in your lawn, does not mean you have a grub problem.

However, you can check to see if you have a grub infestation by lifting a piece of your grass about 2-4 inches deep in an area you think may be infected. If you see 10 or more grubs within a 1-foot square that is a sign of trouble that can create visible damage if left untreated.

Dream Greener is currently on round 3 of our fertilization and weed control program which includes grub control, fertilizer and liquid weed control. Timing is key. Our preventative grub control products go down before or just as the grubs hatch for best results.

How do I get rid of that pesky, fast-growing weed in my lawn?

One of the most prevalent summer weeds in Pittsburgh is Nutsedge.

Nutsedge is an invasive weed that is bright green and grows faster than your regular grass.  This makes it seem impossible to control, but there is a solution.

Dream Greener offers nutsedge applications. The product works on contact with existing Nutsedge and typically it takes at least 2 applications to minimize Nutsedge since the product doesn’t offer preventative control.

Summer Delight

Now is the time of year that neighbor’s really start to notice the lawns that are doing well and comment on beautiful landscapes.  Keep your lawn healthy, green and lush with Dream Greener’s Fertilization and Weed Control Program!  We’ll take care of the treatments and provide you with timely suggestions on maintaining the lawn of your dreams.

That will give you time to attend these family-friendly events and leave the dirty work up to us!

2018 Family Friendly Summer Events in Pittsburgh, PA


Three Rivers Arts Festival

10 Days of Free Music & Art

Each June, Pittsburgh hosts 10 days of art, crafts, dance, music, food and partying in downtown’s Point State Park. Lots of family-style entertainment makes this a winner for all ages.

14th Season of Market Square Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday, May-November

This is a wonderful market, brimming with seasonal produce.  Food carts sell local treats like pierogi, and handmade crafts are for sale. Market Square also hosts kids programming throughout the summer, with arts and crafts, music and fun!

Thomas & Friends: Explore the Rails Exhibit™

May 19 – September 9

This exhibit combines exciting play opportunities with hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts.

Ropes Challenge

Defy gravity on Highmark SportsWorks® newest exhibit! The Ropes Challenge will challenge your sense of balance and enjoyment of heights as you navigate obstacles, “walk the plank,” and then zoom down a zipline! Learn about the science behind the climb, such as center of mass and inertia, as well as the physiology of fear and thrills and perception.

Jazz in the Garden

Enjoy smooth jazz tunes and full blooms at Jazz in the Garden. You can pre-order delicious locally-sourced picnic box meals prepared by the chefs at award-winning Café Phipps, plus refreshing beverages at the wine and beer cash bar. Rain or shine, the show will go on!

Super Science Saturdays

Saturdays from noon-4pm

Celebrate with dinosaurs, discover secrets of DNA, and learn what it is like to be a scientist in the field at Super Science Saturdays! Visitors can explore a topic in-depth through hands-on activities, experiments, demonstrations, discussions with museum experts, family-friendly activities, and more. Super Science Saturdays are free with museum admission.

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

August – September

Experience medieval fun! You are welcome to come dressed in costume and costumes are available for rental. Costume swords and daggers are permitted as long as they are properly sheathed and peace-tied.

Night in the Tropics Beach Party at the National Aviary

Join the National Aviary for a vintage summer beach party at our 16th Annual Night in the Tropics! Indulge in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the tropics while enjoying a tropical escape right here in Pittsburgh.  

Yoga in Schenley Plaza

Mondays | 12 – 1PM | June – September

Saturdays | 10 – 11AM | June – September

Bend and stretch on the emerald lawn at Schenley Plaza during this free yoga class. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and a mat — or borrow one of ours! Registration is not required.

Go Ape!

If you’re ready for a totally unique outdoor experience, it’s time to Go Ape! Way more than just zip lines, Go Ape is a 2-3-hour journey through the forest canopy as you take on suspended obstacles, Tarzan swings and breathtaking zip lines – all with an incredible view.

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