Five Reasons to Hire a Snow and Ice Removal Service This Winter

As another cold Pittsburgh winter approaches, national and local meteorologists are forecasting a snowy season, much like the past five years. In case you were wondering what recent total snowfall in our area looked like, here are some statistics for you, provided by the National Weather Service: During the winter of 2009-2010, the Pittsburgh area received 77.4 inches of snow. In 2010-11, nearly 57 inches of snow was recorded, and in 2013-2014, 63 inches fell.

It’s impossible to say just how much snow will fall this year, but there will certainly be snow this winter. Hiring a professional snow and ice removal service will take away the uncertainty that winter brings by ensuring that your driveway and walkways will be clean and safe to walk or drive on.

Let a Reliable Company Handle Snow and Ice Management

There are several advantages to hiring a service that will provide snow clearing and place anti-snow/ice treatments on your property.

  • It’s Convenient. Hiring a snow and ice removal service shifts the responsibility of safely removing snow from you to a reliable company that can handle the maintenance of your property. Snowbirds, as well as those who are taking care of elderly parents from far away, find that this service gives them peace of mind while they are in another location.
  • Fully equipped. You may have a snow shovel and some ice melt, but a service will likely have commercial equipment that will quickly and safety remove snow and ice, including snow blowers and snow plows.
  • A Safer Option. More than 10,000 people visit hospital each year due to injuries caused by snow shoveling. The most common problems range from low back injuries to falls on snow or ice that cause fractures, head injuries, or muscle injuries.
  • Saves you time. Instead of waking up early every morning to see if it snowed overnight, you can stay in bed and let someone else handle snow removal. By the time you leave for work, the snow and ice will be gone.
  • Saves you money. If you’re going to use a service, then consider one where you pay a flat fee no matter the snowfall amount. Remember, Pittsburgh’s average snowfall the past few years (more than 60 inches) has been very high, but paying ahead of time for a pre-set amount (such as 40 inches of snow) means that you will be saving money.

Dream Greener is a year-round property maintenance company that offers snow and ice removal during the winter. Call us today at  412.337.2207 to learn more and to set up an on-site evaluation.

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